Error 10H on Bafang BBSHD

Error 10H on Bafang BBSHD

How to Solve Error 10H on Bafang BBSHD Controller When Upgrading

Upgrading your Bafang BBSHD controller can significantly boost your e-bike's performance. However, during the process, you might encounter the Error 10H, an over-temperature warning that can be frustrating if you don't know how to address it. This guide will walk you through why this error occurs and how to solve it effectively. We'll also cover replacing the controller and updating the firmware to ensure compatibility with your existing motor.

Understanding Error 10H: Over-Temperature Warning

Error 10H on the Bafang BBSHD controller indicates an over-temperature condition. This error typically occurs when the controller detects that the internal temperature has exceeded safe operating limits. Several factors can contribute to this issue:

  1. Prolonged High Power Usage: Running the motor at high power for extended periods can cause the controller to overheat.
  2. Insufficient Cooling: Poor ventilation or inadequate cooling measures can lead to heat buildup.
  3. Faulty Temperature Sensor: A malfunctioning temperature sensor can falsely trigger the error.
  4. Firmware Incompatibility: Sometimes, outdated or incompatible firmware can misinterpret normal operating conditions as an over-temperature situation.

Steps to Resolve Error 10H

1. Allow the Controller to Cool Down

First, if you encounter Error 10H, stop using the e-bike and allow the controller to cool down. This might resolve the issue if it's a one-time occurrence due to temporary overheating.

2. Check for Adequate Cooling

Ensure that your e-bike's cooling system is functioning properly. Verify that vents are not blocked and that there is adequate airflow around the controller. You might also consider installing additional cooling measures, such as heat sinks or cooling fans.

3. Inspect and Replace the Temperature Sensor

A faulty temperature sensor can falsely trigger Error 10H. Inspect the sensor for any signs of damage or wear. If necessary, replace it with a new one to ensure accurate temperature readings.

4. Update the Firmware

Outdated or incompatible firmware can cause various issues, including Error 10H. Updating the firmware to the latest version can resolve these problems. Here’s how to do it:

Updating Bafang Firmware

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

To perform a firmware update, you'll need:

  • A programming cable with a USB connector on one end and a green Higo connector on the other end.
  • A computer.
  • The latest firmware files.

Important: Do not turn on the power until instructed!

Step 2: Connect the Programming Cable

  • Disconnect the display cable on the bike.
  • Plug in the programming cable with the green Higo connector to the connector you just unplugged.

Step 3: Download and Install the Programming Software

  • Download and extract the file stc-isp-15xx-v6.86.exe.
  • Install the program on your computer and run it as Administrator. When running, it will look like this:


Step 4: Set Program Parameters

  • Under MCU type, select “IAP15W4K61S4” from the “STC15W4K32S4 Series”.
  • Set the max baud rate to 57,600.
  • Set the Input IRC frequency to 18,432.


Step 5: Verify MCU Compatibility

  • Click "Check MCU".
  • Connect or turn on the power.
  • Allow the process to run,
  • Turn off the power once the process is complete.
  • Ensure the readout shows "MCU Type: IAP15W4K61S4". If it shows anything else, the firmware flash will not work.

Step 6: Load the Firmware File

Note: The 48V firmware will not work with 52V batteries, and vice versa. Using incompatible firmware will result in an Error Code 7 if the battery voltage is above 54.6V.

Step 7: Download and Install the Firmware

  • Click "Download Program".
  • Turn on the power from your battery.
  • The program will populate on the right side of the screen and show a progress bar.
  • Once the process is complete, you will receive a notification that the firmware update is finished.

Comprehensive Guide to Replacing the Bafang BBSHD Controller

If updating the firmware and other measures don’t resolve the issue, you may need to replace the controller. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you replace your Bafang BBSHD controller:

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • New Bafang BBSHD controller
  • Basic bike repair toolkit (screwdrivers, hex keys, etc.)
  • Zip ties
  • Electrical tape
  • USB cable for firmware updates

Step-by-Step Replacement Process:

  1. Disconnect the Battery

    • Ensure your e-bike is turned off and disconnect the battery to avoid any electrical hazards.
  2. Remove the Old Controller

    • Locate the controller on your e-bike. It is usually mounted near the motor.
    • Carefully disconnect all the wires and connectors attached to the controller. Make a note or take pictures of the connections for reference.
    • Use the appropriate tools to remove the mounting screws and take out the old controller.
  3. Install the New Controller

    • Place the new controller in the same position as the old one.
    • Secure it using the mounting screws.
    • Reconnect all the wires and connectors according to your notes or the pictures you took earlier. Ensure each connection is secure and correctly aligned.
  4. Check Connections and Secure Wiring

    • Double-check all connections to make sure they are tight and properly connected.
    • Use zip ties and electrical tape to secure any loose wires and keep them organized.
  5. Reconnect the Battery and Test

    • Reconnect the battery to your e-bike.
    • Turn on the e-bike and check for any error messages. Ensure that the new controller is functioning correctly.


Dealing with Error 10H on your Bafang BBSHD controller can be a hassle, but understanding the cause and knowing how to fix it can save you a lot of time and frustration. By ensuring proper cooling, checking the temperature sensor, updating the firmware, and replacing the controller if necessary, you can get your e-bike back to optimal performance. Always keep your firmware up-to-date to prevent compatibility issues and enjoy a smooth riding experience.

For a more detailed guide or further assistance, feel free to contact us at Electrified. We're here to help you FEEL THE RUSH with your e-bike upgrades and maintenance!

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