High Fuel Prices? E-Bikes Could Be the Solution

High Fuel Prices? E-Bikes Could Be the Solution - Electrified

You might be googling terms like "why are fuel prices so high?" and "are other countries experiencing high fuel prices?" Right?

Well here we are to tell you that fuel prices around the world are sky high. There are many causes of high fuel prices. Also, Global affairs and dollar exchange rates affect the availability & cost of commodities, we’re likely to continue seeing volatile prices whenever we drive to petrol stations, as impact of high fuel prices on the economy of any country is super high. It’s time to look for an alternative to driving cars. Fortunately, many people have realised that electric bikes could be the solution.

How much fuel & money can you save with electric bikes?

The average car trip in Australia’s major cities is around 10km. That’s a relatively short driving distance that could be within the cycling range of most people. And if they aren’t comfortable riding their typical road bike to work or the shops, they can switch to an e-bike. They don’t need to pedal hard and can reach their destination without spending much.

Electric bikes or e-bikes do not require fuel. You only need to charge the batteries, which don’t cost much since e-bike motors are lighter & more efficient than those of cars. On average, an e-bike can go 20 miles per hour or 32kms per hour on a single charge. That can be a round trip to your office and more! Think how many litres of petrol you can save on that trip. Of course, the actual distance your e-bike can cover on a single charge also depends on several factors, like your weight & e-bike motor performance, battery size, etc. Still, riding an electric bike is way less costly than driving your car every time you need to go out. 

How about the upfront cost of e-bikes? It can vary depending on the model, battery, motor and add-ons, such as racks & lights. But the most popular e-bike models in Australia cost between A$1500 and A$3000, with a few good options around A$800. That price is way more affordable than buying a new or second-hand car. And if you don’t have the funds for a new e-bike, you can get an electric bike conversion kit to turn your existing bicycle into an e-bike.

What about the maintenance costs of e-bikes?

Electric bike tires experience wear and tear, but replacing them is cheaper than car tires. And if you properly maintain an e-bike tire, you can expect it to last over two years. Upgrading or replacing  e-bike batteries won’t also break your bank. And if you compare battery prices with the rising petrol costs, you would still be better off riding your e-bike often. 

How about car parking fees? You can save on them, too. Most electric bikes are lightweight & portable; you can usually park them on bicycle racks. You can also bring yours to your office floor, where you can create a mini space for it. You no longer have to worry about paying parking fees every time you go to the office, run errands or attend a local event. 

Join the e-bike revolution today. 

Whether you are fed up with the high fuel prices or want to have a good & fun alternative to driving your car every day, join the e-bike revolution. Electrified is here to help convert your existing bicycle into a high-performance electric bike. Shop our kits or contact us today.


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