The Dangers of Using Cheap Batteries From China

The Dangers of Using Cheap Batteries From China - Electrified

Batteries are crucial for our modern society. We move around the digital era with so many gadgets and electronics surrounding us. We cannot deny that China is dominating the world’s production of batteries essential for electric vehicles, portable consumer electronics, cell phones, laptops, and so on.

However, despite the fact that they are at the top of their production game and owning the global battery race, more and more consumers are experiencing the dangers of China-imported batteries. This is a real, serious concern in our world today.

If you are looking to buy new batteries for your e-bike or are just about to get started with converting your existing regular bike to an electric bike, you have to be very careful where you are purchasing your batteries and avoid using batteries from China-imported ones.

We want to indicate that this blog is in no way a form of discrimination against China or its people, but we are here to logically discuss the dangers that some of these batteries may pose to our safety and why we should stop buying them.

Fake Capacity Ratings

One of the biggest concerns of some consumers is the fake capacity ratings on cheap Chinese cells. With all the available sellers online and in stores, it may be hard to find fake cheap batteries since not all of them are honest about what they sell, but rather just want to make money. Fake ones will have ratings that do not match their capacities. This is extremely dangerous and an absolute nuisance for any consumer, especially if the battery is overstrained.

Low-Grade 21700 Cells

Several consumers have been clamoring about fake 21700 cells. Many counterfeit and imitation batteries are disposed of across the planet and this is the real danger. It is important to check your batteries to make sure you got the cells you truly paid for. 

How to know if it is fake? An average 18650 li-ion rechargeable battery will weigh about 65g to 70g and nothing less than 64g. The fake ones will only weigh about 60g. Good brands will tell you real ones from counterfeits via the weight.

Cheap Engineering

Lithium-ion batteries are full of flammable parts. If the battery is not well-engineered, it can explode and harm you and the people you love. Just like an incorrect capacity rating, when a fake battery is overcharged, it will overheat, explode, and catch fire.

Technologically speaking, it is just a matter of good engineering and a good battery management system, but a cheap battery will be far riskier.

Not Secure Packaging & Subpar Design

Some China-made batteries imported into Australia are not well-packaged and designed. Things can easily get out of hand when you receive a battery with distorted and shorted-out internals due to poor packaging. Most of the time, they arrive at your doorstep completely unusable. A true waste of time, effort, and money.

Buy locally-made Electrified batteries only! 

Electrified Batteries are assembled in Australia to cater to your unique needs. You can guarantee that it is genuine, safe, and well-engineered as opposed to imported batteries from China. Electrified Batteries are made of GRADE A cells bought from authorized agents only. 

Unlike those cheap and dangerous China batteries, Electrified Batteries offer a valid 12-month warranty.

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