5A High Voltage Cycle Satiator ebike charger Electrified
5A High Voltage Cycle Satiator ebike charger Electrified
5A High Voltage Cycle Satiator ebike charger Electrified
5A High Voltage Cycle Satiator ebike charger Electrified

5A High Voltage Cycle Satiator

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The Cycle Satiator is not limited to charging a specific battery type. Instead, this one charger model can be configured for virtually any lithium, nickel metal hydride, or lead acid battery pack. Our standard 48V 8A model will charge packs with up to a 63V max charge voltage (15s for lithium), while this 72V 5A model will work all the way to 103V max (24s lithium).


Informative Display

A large and bright OLED display screen shows all your real-time charging statistics; you can see the total amp-hours and voltage along with a clear graphic indicating the approximate charge in the pack.




Impressive Power Density

At almost 0.5 watts / cm3, the Cycle Satiator packs 2-3 times more power per volume than most other chargers available.  This translates into big league charging currents in a portable size device.





Fan Free Efficiency

The power electronics were carefully designed to reach 95% efficiency at full load, eliminating the need for a fan to get rid of waste heat and keep things cool. no more buzzing fan noise and no risk of charger meltdowns if the fan fails.





Sealed and Watertight

A gasket enclosure and connector design strategy keeps the charger electronics protected in the face of rain, road spray, dust storms, etc.





Compact and Narrow Size

The charger is less than 5cm high and 8cm wide, allowing it to fit easily in a saddle bag, under the rear rack, inside a frame triangle, or screwed to a chassis.



Power Factor Corrected

AC input runs from 100-240v, allowing for worldwide operation without any voltage selection switch, and features a 0.99 power factor which will please your utility grid too.



Onboard Installation

The rugged, compact, and fan-free design allows the charger to be permanently mounted on the vehicle without the risk of premature failure from vibration or exposure.

Seriously Fast Charging

With a 360-watt power output, the satiator can charge your batteries in half the time of typical 4amp ‘fast’ chargers.  It delivers up to 8 amps with 24 and 36v packs, and 7 amps with 48v packs.




One Charger For All

No need for a different charger for each battery type, the satiator can be programmed to work correctly with almost any packs on hand. select from one of our common preloaded profiles or make your custom charge profiles.

Quick Select

Have anywhere from one to dozens of preconfigured charging profiles active, enabling you to readily switch between output modes with just a quick button press.


Satiate for Enhanced Cycle Life

Most lithium batteries are capable of vastly improved cycle life if they are not fully charged to saturation all the time but at the expense of reduced range.

With the cycle satiator, you can program your primary profile to give an 80% charge, and have a secondary profile that does a 100% charge when you need full range. They have the best of both worlds, a battery that lasts thousands of cycles but still goes the distance when you need it. For more details, read here.

Future Proof

The firmware can be upgraded in the field, and along with the flexible custom profiles, this means your cycle satiator is ready for whatever batteries the future has in store.


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