Cyclone Conversion Kit Modified kits Electrified
Cyclone Conversion Kit Modified kits Electrified
Cyclone Conversion Kit Modified kits Electrified
Cyclone Conversion Kit Modified kits Electrified
Cyclone Conversion Kit Modified kits Electrified
Cyclone Conversion Kit Modified kits Electrified

Cyclone Conversion Kit

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3000W Cyclone Mid-Drive Conversion Kit

  • Off Road Use Only
  • 48-72V
  • 1800W-5000W
  • High Torque up to 250nm
  • 90 km / hr average top speed with 72V battery
  • 6 to 1 planetary gear box reduction ratio
  • 7 kg system weight
  • Double chain-wheel 44t-44t
  • RHS Twist throttle with voltage readout
  • Ignition key
  • Square taper BB 68mm - 73mm in stock next day delivery
  • Isis or bottom bracket larger than 73mm please allow 



According to Cyclone, this is a significant improvement over their previous system. At roughly the same low price as their underpowered rivals is it’s not only quieter it has more powerful, and is  just as  reliable than its completion. As a standard the 3000w Cyclone drive is an absolute steal.

The Cyclone runs an internal gear reduction similar to what you would find on a typical geared hub motor allowing the motor to spin slowly while still producing a lot of power, allowing you to pedal assist the bike, which is a common issue with most powerful mid-drives. 

This is a mid-drive kit designed for reliable high power. This drive system is also a bargain when compared to the Bafang BBSHD not only is the Cyclone kit cheaper it has 3 times the power and is also lighter. With the breathtaking performance of this motor you will be amazed at how quiet it is as well.

With the controller that comes with the kit you can easily achieve 90 km /hr speeds, but to get this sort of speeds takes one hell of a battery with heaps of Amp hours.

These kits are too powerful to be street legal in Australia therefore these kits are intended for off-road use only.

We recommend using one of our 72V Molicel P42A or M50A battery packs. Amp hours here is the key the more the better. This drive system wIll cause a low quality  or low amperage battery pack to overheat and drastically shorten its life span. Because of the high continuous load that the controller demands, we do not recommend using Panasonic/Tesla cells with this setup unless you are happy to run a minimum of 35Ahr

This not an easy kit to install. If you're after something that will slide into place then have a look at our BBSHD range. The cyclone kit does not come with instructions, we can offer support with ideas on how to overcome certain hurdles and with our 3D printer we can produce parts for this kit and customise everything. To install this kit you may require spacers and even some fabrication. If you don't know what a bottom bracket is, and you think that the controller is the display then this kit is not for you.

My recommendation is to tackle it head on, take your time, and you will get it done. This kit is not that hard to install, but it is not easy either. When installing almost everyone we have come across you will have a issue with is the tension of the spring which holds the chain line and tensioner. Maximum tension is required here.

If you are looking for best value then look no further, by no means should you be discouraged by the amount of work you need to get it going but once completed that satisfaction knowing you built it is just as satisfying as your first ride on it.


We are Happy to help where ever possible with an in-house 3-D printing machine anything is possible and everything is achievable. Make as many phone calls as you wish and we will guide you every step of the way



On the checkout page you will see all the options you have and you can choose which ones you would like. We stock 68-73mm square shaft bottom brackets and delivery will only take 72 hours however if you would like bigger bottom brackets or isis buzz bars the a wait time if around 3 weeks is expected. As standard the 3000w cyclone includes a standard controller that is not programmable, we also offer Bluetooth programmable and LCD programmable and for this who wish to take it to 5000W a power pack upgrade is also available.

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