21700 Batteries


All batteries that we build we build with authentic grade A cells. We can design, create and deliver for you the exact pack that you need. All packs are assembled in Melbourne and come with a 12 month limited warranty, which means we do not cover batteries that are water damaged, misused/abused, damaged in any way and have been overcharged or discharged.

As standard batteries are assembled using the following.

  1. 100% Pure nickel strip or for higher demanding packs nickel plated copper.
  2. Cell holders are used unless otherwise instructed
  3. All packs are fitted with Daly common port BMS
  4. Come wrapped in blue pvc heatshrink
  5. Packs are charged then discharged at no less than 70% of their rating 3 times before they are cleared for dispatch
  6. Chargers are sold separately so please keep that in mind.  

- Pricing does NOT include any type of custom boxes, cases, supports or alike and only includes the custom design, configuration, assembly and testing of packs