CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 Mid Drive eBike Conversion Kit

Are you ready to take your eBike experience to the next level? Introducing the CYC X1 Pro Gen 3, a state-of-the-art ebike conversion kit designed to provide the ultimate in power, performance, and customization. With its advanced features and patented torque sensor technology, it’s time to unlock your eBike’s full potential. Join us as we dive into the world of CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 and explore what sets it apart from the competition.

Short Summary

  • CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 is an innovative eBike conversion kit with multiple frame fitment options, waterproof wiring and customizable tuning.

  • Patented torque sensor technology provides instant pedal assist experience for a seamless ride.

  • Offers powerful performance and efficiency along with off-road capabilities for peaceful nature exploration.

CYC X1 Pro Gen 3: Features and Improvements

User manual for CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 electric bike

The CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 is more than just an eBike conversion kit. It’s a revolution in eBike technology, offering an impressive array of features and improvements that will leave you wondering how you ever lived without it. With its multiple frame fitment design, the X1 Pro Gen 3 is compatible with over 90% of available frames, making installation a breeze. And with its waterproof wire harness, you can ride confidently knowing your investment is protected from the elements.

When it comes to power and performance, the X1 Pro Gen 3 has you covered. With two power options available (3500W & 150N.m. or 5000W & 250N.m.), you can choose the level of extreme power that best suits your riding needs. And with chaining options of 32T and 38T, you’ll enjoy an intuitive and engaging pedal assist experience. Customizable tuning allows you to modify the motor’s power settings to perfectly match your riding style and terrain, ensuring the best pedal assist sensations.

The installation process for the X1 Pro Gen 3 is effortless thanks to the included user manual and motor hanger for easy installation. With a delivery time of just 5-8 weeks, you’ll be hitting the road with your upgraded eBike in no time. The X1 Pro Gen 3 is the eBike conversion kit that truly delivers on its promise of extreme power and performance.

Patented Torque Sensor Technology

An image showcasing the Cyc X1 Pro Gen 3 electric bike equipped with patented torque sensor technology.

At the heart of the X1 Pro Gen 3’s impressive performance lies its patented torque sensor technology. This innovative system provides an unparalleled pedal assist experience, ensuring that your ride is smooth, natural, and enjoyable. The CYC torque sensor guarantees instant engagement and a user-friendly pedal assist experience, allowing you to ride with precision and ease.

The Gen 3 ISIS splined standard torque sensing system, featuring a motor reduction assembly, is a major component of the X1 Pro Gen 3’s next-generation electronics. This cutting-edge technology can be purchased as a separate controller, making it easier than ever to upgrade your eBike for superior performance and efficiency.

What to Expect with the X1 Pro Gen 3

CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 electric bike with extreme power

With the X1 Pro Gen 3, all the possibilities for customization and performance are virtually limitless thanks to its supreme compatibility modular design. The system can be customized through the provided display and the CYC Ride control mobile app, allowing you to fine-tune your eBike to your exact preferences. The in-house firmware optimizes the throttle and pedal assist experience, providing unparalleled user satisfaction. Additionally, the in-house firmware tuning ensures a seamless integration of all components for a smooth ride.

The X-Controller series is the latest electronics system for the X1 Pro Gen 3 available on the market. Designed for extreme power and efficiency, the X-Controller series takes your eBike’s capabilities to new heights and offers the ultimate freedom on the road.

Pedal Assist Sensations

Pedal assist experience with CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 electric bike

A pedal assist system is a revolutionary feature on an electric bike that provides additional power while you pedal, allowing riders to ride at their desired speed with ease. The X1 Pro Gen 3 offers a seamless and organic intuitive pedal assist experience, ensuring that your ride is as effortless as it is enjoyable.

The motor is designed to quickly and precisely respond to your pedaling, providing the ideal level of assistance for your ride. With the X1 Pro Gen 3, you can enjoy a smooth and effortless ride, no matter the terrain.

Off-Road Capabilities

The CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 is not just for city streets and smooth bike paths. With its impressive traction and power, this eBike conversion kit is perfect for those who crave off-road adventures and exploration. The X1 Pro Gen 3 offers substantial traction, enabling you to easily traverse any terrain, allowing you to conquer even the most challenging off-road trails with ease.

One of the standout features of the X1 Pro Gen 3 is its quiet design. Specifically engineered for peaceful operation, the X1 Pro Gen 3 allows you to experience nature without disruption, providing a serene ride that lets you fully appreciate the beauty of your surroundings.

In conclusion, the X1 Pro Gen 3 offers impressive traction and ample power, making it an ideal choice for off-road riding and exploration. Its quiet design ensures a peaceful ride, allowing you to appreciate the great outdoors without disturbance.

Performance and Efficiency

The CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 boasts a considerable amount of torque and power output, with a maximum of 5000W of power and 250Nm of torque. As per manufacturer specifications, the X1 Pro Gen 3 can reach a speed of up to 49 mph (78,8 kmph), and a user has reported a top speed of 55 kph. With its extreme power, the X1 Pro Gen 3 is perfect for riders who crave speed and performance.

Though the range of the X1 Pro Gen 3 is not specified, its powerful motor and advanced electronics system ensure that your eBike will be both fast and efficient. The X1 Pro Gen 3’s performance capabilities make it a top choice for riders looking for an eBike conversion kit that delivers both power and efficiency.


In summary, the CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 eBike conversion kit is a game-changer in the world of electric bikes. With advanced features, patented torque sensor technology, and impressive performance capabilities, the X1 Pro Gen 3 offers the ultimate eBike experience. Whether you’re tackling challenging off-road trails or cruising through city streets, the X1 Pro Gen 3 provides a smooth, powerful, and efficient ride, allowing you to unlock your eBike’s full potential. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – upgrade to the CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can a 72v 5000w ebike go?

A 5000w electric bike with 26-inch tires and a 72v battery can reach impressive speeds of up to 50-65 mph. This makes it great for commuters who want to get to their destination quickly and safely.

For those looking for a bit of a thrill, this electric bike can provide an adrenaline rush. With speeds of up to 50-65 mph, it’s sure to satisfy even the most daring.

How fast is a 6000W ebike?

With a 6000W e-bike, you can reach an impressive top speed of up to 60+ mph! This powerful electric bike gives you the speed and agility to make those everyday commutes quick and easy.

You can enjoy the convenience of a fast and reliable ride, without having to worry about the cost of fuel or the hassle of traffic. With its powerful motor and battery, you can get to your home.

How fast can a 3000w hub motor go?

With a 3000w hub motor, riders can experience incredible acceleration and speed, with the potential to reach up to 45-50 miles per hour (72-80 kilometers per hour). This makes it an ideal choice for those looking for a powerful and fast electric bike.

The motor is capable of providing a smooth and comfortable ride, even at high speeds. It also has a low maintenance cost, making it a great choice for those who want to save money in the long run. Additionally, the motor is designed to be lightweight and durable.

What is the maximum power output of the CYC X1 Pro Gen 3?

You can enjoy a powerful performance with the X1 Pro Gen 3, delivering up to 5000W of power and 250Nm of torque.

It features a lightweight design, making it easy to transport and store. It also has a durable construction, ensuring it can withstand the toughest conditions.

The X1 Pro Gen 3 is designed to be user-friendly.

How do I customize the settings on my X1 Pro Gen 3?

To customize your X1 Pro Gen 3, simply use the provided display and CYC Ride Control mobile application for an easy and convenient way to adjust settings.