CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 Mid Drive Kit

CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 Mid Drive Kit - Conquer Any Terrain

Experience cycling like never before with the CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 mid drive kit - a revolutionary eBike conversion kit that packs extreme power, state-of-the-art torque sensing technology and unparalleled versatility. Conquer any terrain with ease as you explore off road paths by activating this advanced piece of equipment's patented integrated, torque sensing and sensor technology along with its streamlined motor design.

Make full use of your transformation journey using the Cyc Ride Control App. Personalize your settings for a fully tailored ride experience to suit all preferences! The world is ready to be explored, so take on every challenge possible now that you are equipped with CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 Conversion Kit!

Short Summary

  • Unlock the power of CYC X1 Pro Gen 3! eBike conversion kit with patented torque sensor technology, advanced electronics and customization options.

  • Enjoy a highly personalized ride experience with multiple riding modes and assist levels for all terrain types.

  • Easy installation, waterproof construction and comprehensive customer support ensure a successful eBike transformation.

Unleashing the CYC X1 Pro Gen 3

A man riding a CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 electric bike with extreme power

The CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 conversion kit offers unrivalled power, torque sensing and instant throttle capabilities. It's designed to bring you the best pedal assist sensations while keeping a natural cycling feel. This highly compatible modular design fits most standard bike frames making it an ideal upgrade for your existing setup.

Let’s take a look at what makes the x1 pro gen3 stand out from other eBike kits on offer. Next-generation electronics deliver extreme power with improved response times whilst also maintaining overall comfortability during rides off road or through city streets alike! Plus its supreme compatibility provides unparalleled convenience when fitting onto different kinds of bikes, that is why cyc x1pro have become so popular amongst passionate cyclists looking for optimal performance and customizability in their ride experience.

Finally, one of the key features which make this conversion kit top choice is its customizable tuning settings which allow riders to tailor every aspect of pedal assist experience down to minute detail depending on individual preferences and terrain conditions giving everyone access control over how best pedal assist sensations what they want their cycle trips to be like going forward! The x1ProGen3 truly redefines where pedaling can go: don't miss out – try it today!

Patented Torque Sensor Technology

The CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 utilizes its patented torque sensor technology to make pedal assist sensations create an intuitive pedal assist experience that is unparalleled. This integrated system provides a responsive, yet natural cycling feel so you remain in complete control of the ride at all times. By making use of this special feature within the x1 pro gen 3, any incline or terrain can be taken on with ease and self-assurance knowing there will always be sufficient power available when required due to instant activation through the CYC Torque Sensor. The combination of enhanced performance from the x1 pro gen 3, along with accessibility granted by its lower cost counterpart - the cyc x1, gives every cyclist varied levels of comfort no matter their skill level.

Refined Motor Design and Performance

The CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 is designed for extraordinary performance. Featuring a higher-powered motor core and rotor with up to 250 Nm of torque and over 5,4k Watts of peak power at 12k RPMs, this kit has everything you need for off road adventures. Plus, the improved reduction assembly boosts its ability even further!

When looking for an optimal bike that will take on any challenge thrown their way, users should consider the CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 – as it’s capable enough to tackle any difficult terrain or mission. With extreme power and all these features combined in one powerful package, there are seemingly endless possibilities available when using The CYC X1 ProGen3 model from CYC MOTOR!

Advanced Electronics and Customization

The CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 presents a remarkable opportunity to unlock the full potential of your ebike with its X-Controller series, providing you with fully customizable mobile app displays and settings. Utilizing a fully customized mobile app, this next generation electronics part of X1 PRO gen 3 promises an unparalleled ride tailored specifically for every enthusiast's individual preference and environment.

Yet there is still much more hidden up their sleeves that we are yet unaware of! Stay tuned as who knows what new cutting edge features will be revealed in future updates on the CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 line up!

CYC Ride Control App: Personalize Your Ride

A man riding a CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 electric bike with a mobile phone in his hand, showing the CYC Ride Control App

The CYC Ride Control App provides you a control mobile app with the power to personalize your eBike's performance and settings. This full control mobile app makes for a customized ride that follows your own preferences no matter what terrain or conditions you are facing. The full control mobile app offers an array of features, letting you have just as much fun on leisurely rides as thrilling off-road adventures – all personalized by yourself! With this powerful tool at hand, every journey can be tailored according to whatever it is that suits your needs best.

In-House Firmware Tuning

The CYC X1 Pro Gen 3's in-house firmware tuning makes it a standout amongst eBikes, integrating hardware and software to allow for an intuitive pedal assist experience. These customization options give users advanced operational instructions without the need of any physical changes, just enhancements resulting from alterations in existing factory parameters. Such modifications not only increase performance, but also provide smoother control and responsiveness that elevate the ride even further.

Multiple Riding Modes and Assist Levels

The CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 has been designed with versatility and rider customization in mind, providing a range of different modes to choose from. Leisure Mode is perfect for gentle rides or trips around town, while commute mode offers assistance when travelling long distances. Exercise mode gives you the option to get a workout while Manual and Climbing Modes allow control over speed depending on your surrounding terrain.

Power output also comes into play too – adjust the assist levels between 250-3000 watts so that it best matches up with whatever ride you are currently doing, have extra help climbing steep hills but maintain leisurely speeds during flat stretches at lower power outputs? No problem!

Thanks to this level of adaptability through various extreme riding settings, no matter what type of cyclist you may be. Beginners taking their first steps on two wheels or seasoned veterans looking for an edge...the CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 can tailor itself accordingly to extreme riding, giving every kind of user exactly what they need each time round!

Easy Installation and Compatibility

A man installing a CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 conversion kit on a bike frame

The CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 is renowned for its easy installation and compatibility with various bike frames, made possible by a supreme modular design. This offers the perfect upgrade option without needing to buy an entirely new bicycle. Making use of this hassle-free process transforms any regular bike into one that can utilise all the advantages of eBikes thanks to Cyc's X1 Pro Gen 3 components. From bracket fitments through to full pro gen functionality on existing hardware, Cyc has you covered for upgrading your ride!

Motor Hanger and Bracket Fitments

The CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 is designed to offer a simplified installation of its single motor hanger, allowing for compatibility with various frame sizes and types. This streamlined attachment and detachment system makes the transition onto an ebike effortless so that you can be confident in your upgrade with this model's precise fitment capabilities. The bracket fitments provided guarantee an appropriate match between the x1 pro gen 3 bike and any kind of bicycle structure.

Brake Sensors and Safety Features

The CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 is built with safety in mind, featuring brake sensors and other protective measures to ensure a secure ride. This helps improve the control of the rider as well as their overall biking experience so they can be worry-free while out riding.

The integrated torque sensor & throttle found on this model are designed for accuracy when it comes to the integrated torque sensor sensing measuring force applied via pedaling. Allowing users full control over what's happening with their eBike at all times while keeping them safe during use.

Waterproof and Lightweight Construction

A man riding a CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 electric bike in a waterproof environment

The CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 is a waterproof and lightweight bike built for any weather condition, perfect for off-road adventures. Utilizing aluminium and carbon fibre materials to make the bike sturdy yet still light enough to be transported or stored easily. Riders can get an enhanced biking experience without worrying about their product deteriorating in bad conditions. The durability combined with being lightweight makes it the ideal choice when looking for a top-notch quality electric bicycle that won't add extra weight on one's journey!

Julet Connectors and Cable Shielding

The CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 was built with your riding conditions in mind. Its components, like waterproof wire connectors and cable shielding, are made to protect the eBike's system from any weather or mud that comes its way. So you can confidently take on all kinds of off-road adventures without worrying about damage while having full trust in the effectiveness and durability of this CYC X1 PRO GEN 3.

Experience a level of freedom as you embark on journeys near and far with such assurance that even through difficult terrain – be it rain, dirt paths or otherwise - the performance standards set up for guaranteed success will never waiver thanks to the power of The X1 Pro Gen 3 bike.

User Manual and Support

CYC's X1 Pro Gen 3 has arrived! eBike conversion kit owners have the benefit of accessing comprehensive user manuals and getting support from CYC. The user manual provides step-by-step instructions for installation, usage guidance and precautionary measures to ensure a secure experience with their product. Customer assistance is available via online chat or phone call thanks to CYC’s committed team ready to help out whenever necessary during your journey with the Cyc X1 Pro Gen 3 bike and conversion kit or kits.


The CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 conversion kit provides an enhanced level of power and versatility, making it perfect for both experienced and novice riders. With all the possibilities and exceptional performance this product has to offer, you're guaranteed a thrilling biking experience that won't be forgotten! The fully customizable mobile app and features make sure every journey is tailored specifically to your needs. So no matter which terrain you take on next (easy or extreme) with all the possibilities and help of this incredible X1 pro gen 3 model bike accessory from CYC, all paths will appear easily accessible. Unleash unlimited possibilities in cycling as well as total control over each ride when utilizing the powerful machine behind this advanced piece of tech. Introducing: the revolutionary CYC X1 Pro Gen3 eBike conversion kit!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the max rpm of the CYC X1 Pro Gen 3?

The CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 features a motor with an RPM of up to 12,000 which offers maximum power output rapidly and effectively. This impressive capability of single motor in the latest X1 pro gen 3 controller series from CYC enables you to unlock your full potential quickly.

How fast is a 5000W ebike?

Thanks to the 5000W motor, 26-inch tires and a maximum speed of 75-100 km/h. Those looking for an electrically powered bike with serious power can opt for this model.