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50A Shunt Modified Controller for Bafang BBSHD

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Rev Up Your Ride with the 50A Shunt Modified Controller for Bafang BBSHD Motors

Quick Look

Meet the powerhouse upgrade for your Bafang BBSHD 1000W: our 50A Modified Controller. It's a perfect match for both 48V and 52V batteries, cranking your peak output to a roaring 3200W. Get set for a ride that's all thrill, no holdbacks!

Installation in a Snap

Turning your e-bike into a beast is a breeze. In just a half-hour, you can swap out controllers and feel the difference:

  • Disconnect the power, pop the old controller out.
  • Slot the new one in, bolt it down, wire it up.
  • Power back on, check the display, and you're good to go!

What You'll Love

  • Power Surge: Ramp up your e-bike's guts for that grin-inducing surge.
  • Smart Riding: Tweak settings for your perfect pedal-to-pavement pleasure.
  • Techy Perks: Comes ready to rock or fine-tune with the Bafang config tool.

Good to Know

  • Battery Match: Grab a battery that can handle the heat – high-power cells only.
  • Fit Check: It's a BBSHD exclusive – BBS02 riders, this one's not for you.


Got Questions?

  • Faster Rides?: Bet on it. This controller is all about upping the ante.
  • Top Speed?: Zoom up to 55km/hr, conditions willing.
  • Ready to Roll?: Pre-set for fun, customizable for connoisseurs.

Ride Safe, Not Sorry

Always pair this beast of a controller with a trusty steed – think top-tier MTBs with hydraulic disc brakes.

Warranty Wise

Heads up: this modded marvel flies solo without a warranty, so ride with care.