6000W Cyclone Mid-Drive Conversion Kit

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6000W Cyclone Mid-Drive Conversion Kit

  • Off Road Use Only
  • 48-72V
  • 4000W-6000W
  • 500nm Torque
  • 125 km / hr Top speed potential
  • 6 to 1 planetary gear reduction
  • 7 kg system weight
  • Double chain-wheel 44t-44t
  • RHS Twist throttle with voltage readout
  • Ignition key
  • Square taper BB 63 mm -100 mm 
  • ISIS BB 63 mm -110 mm 


According to Cyclone, this is a significant improvement over their previous system. At roughly the same low price, it is quieter, more powerful, and more reliable. The 6000w Cyclone drive is a steal.

The Cyclone runs internal gear reduction, allowing the motor to spin slowly while still producing a lot of power, allowing you to pedal assist the bike, which is a common issue with most powerful mid-drives.

This is a mid-drive kit designed for reliable high power. This drive system is also a bargain when compared to the Bafang BBSHD the Cyclone kit has 6 times the power and is also lighter. With the breathtaking performance of this motor you will be amazed at how quiet it is as well.

With the controller that comes with the kit you can easily achieve 120 km /hr speeds, but to get this sort of speeds takes one hell of a battery with heaps of Amp hours.

These kits are too powerful to be street legal in Australia and are for off-road use only. The cyclone comes power limited in the display only.

We recommend using our 48V-72V Molicel P42A 25.2Ah or Samsung 30T 27Ah with enough capacity to deliver a high current for longer durations. Amp hours here is the key the more then the better. This drive system can cause a low amperage battery pack to overheat and drastically shorten its life span. Because of the high continuous load that the controller demands, we do not recommend using Panasonic cells with this setup.

This not an easy kit to install. If you're after something that will slide into place then have a look at our BBSHD range. The cyclone kit does not come with instructions, we can offer very limited support with ideas on how to overcome certain hurdles we don't produce parts for this kit. To install this kit you may require spacers and even some fabrication. If you don't know what a bottom bracket is, and you think that the controller is the display then this kit is not for you.

My recommendation is to tackle it head on, take your time, and you will get it done. This kit is not that hard to install, but it is not easy either.

If you are looking for best value then look no further. The motors are shipped in large crates, and they will come with minor cosmetic marks. If you need a mint looking motor then the Bafang is for you.

Delivery of your cyclone kit is approximately 7 working days from the date of purchase