72v Bafang BBSHD 3000w upgrade kit Electrified
Bafang BBSHD 72V PowerPlus Kit
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72V PowerPlus Kit Components
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Bafang BBSHD 72V PowerPlus Kit

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Supercharge Your Cycling Adventures: The 72V Bafang BBSHD Ebike Conversion Kit

  • Enhanced Speed and Acceleration: Unlock superior acceleration and reach exhilarating speeds with the 72v Bafang BBSHD motor—perfect for thrill-seekers.
  • All-Inclusive Upgrade Kit: Complete your setup with the Bafang 72V kit, Cycle Analyst Display, and Grin Phaserunner Motor Controller for a comprehensive performance upgrade.
  • Real-Time Performance Monitoring: Stay informed and in control with the Cycle Analyst Display, tracking battery life and wattage output as you ride.
  • Precision Throttle Control: Experience meticulous throttle management with the Grin Phaserunner Motor Controller, equipped with advanced safety features for a secure ride.
  • Ideal for Adventurous Riders: Transform your e-bike into a powerhouse, ideal for conquering steep inclines and rugged terrains with the 72V electric bike conversion kit.

Are you ready to elevate your electric biking experience?

The 72v Bafang BBSHD Upgrade is designed for cyclists who demand the best in speed and performance. This easy-to-install kit not only boosts your bike's acceleration and speed but also enhances control and safety with the sophisticated Grin Phaserunner Motor Controller.

Monitor your progress in real-time with the Cycle Analyst Display and push the boundaries of your adventures. Perfect for tackling any challenge, from steep trails to smooth roads, this upgrade ensures a thrilling yet stable ride every time. Upgrade today and unleash the full potential of your electric bike with the Bafang 72V kit!

Transform your ride with the 72v Bafang BBSHD Upgrade—where power meets innovation. Don't just ride; dominate! Upgrade now and experience the pinnacle of e-bike performance.

Package Contents

Package Contents for the Bafang BBSHD 72V Power Boost Kit:

  1. Bafang BBSHD Motor: High-performance 72V motor designed for seamless acceleration and enhanced speed.
  2. Cycle Analyst Display: Advanced display for real-time monitoring of battery life, wattage output, and other crucial performance metrics.
  3. Grin Phaserunner Motor Controller: Precision throttle control with built-in safety features like over-current and over-temperature protection.
  4. Wiring Harness: All necessary cables and connectors for a complete and straightforward installation.
  5. Installation Manual: Detailed guide with step-by-step instructions to ensure a successful setup.
  6. Mounting Hardware: All required brackets and screws for securing components to your bike.
  7. Throttle Assembly: Includes ergonomic throttle for easy speed control.
  8. Speed Sensor and Magnet: To monitor and manage speed settings accurately.
  9. Optional Accessories: Additional components available for customization based on specific riding needs or bike compatibility.


  1. Powerful Performance: The Bafang BBSHD 72V PowerPlus Kit delivers unmatched power for exhilarating e-bike rides.
  2. Enhanced Voltage: With a 72V power supply, this kit ensures superior torque and acceleration for demanding terrains.
  3. Easy Conversion: Upgrade your e-bike effortlessly with this comprehensive electric bike conversion kit.
  4. Premium Components: Built with high-quality materials, this kit guarantees durability and reliability on every ride.
  5. Bafang Motor: Experience the renowned performance of Bafang mid-drive motors, known for their efficiency and power.
  6. Extended Range: The 72V PowerPlus Kit offers extended range capabilities, perfect for long-distance e-bike adventures.
  7. Seamless Integration: Enjoy seamless integration with your existing e-bike setup, ensuring optimal performance.
  8. Customized Upgrade: Tailor your e-bike to your preferences with the customizable features of the PowerPlus Kit.
  9. Professional Grade: Invest in a professional-grade e-bike conversion package designed for serious riders.
  10. Unparalleled Experience: Transform your e-bike into a powerhouse with the Bafang BBSHD 72V PowerPlus Kit, and enjoy unparalleled performance on every ride.

This comprehensive package provides everything needed to upgrade your electric bike for a superior riding experience.

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