Bafang BBSHD 50A Baserunner upgrade

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100% Plug and Play, for easy installation.

Expect a 8-16 km/h increase in top speed over the stock speed controller on 52V. The baserunner controller is designed as both a standalone controller or one that fits inside the heat sink compartment of a standard downtube case like the hailing. Max nominal voltage of 52V and continuous current up to 50A and with a heat sink can run up to 65A.


Kits include:

1 x GRIN BASERUNNER Z9 controller fully tuned for a plug and play install and optimized for performance performance.

1 x 100% Plug and Play wiring harness that is fully compatible with the factory Bafang BBSHD Harness. No soldering, slicing, or tinkering is involved.


1X Thermistor and cable extension


This is the high performance option, as it includes the Cycle Analyst Display. In addition, the baserunner will support voltages up to 52V, battery option can be selected with the display’s battery settings. In addition, the display allows for easy tuning and customization. Plug and play and no setup or tinkering required.

Boost your power output to 2500W with ease on a 52V battery and rest assured that with the Cycle analyst is at work protecting your motor and batterry from over heating. It's is critical that at the time of purchase you let us know what your max battery current is so we can program the baserunner to suit.