52V Ebike Triangle Battery Melbourne | Electrified

52v 20Ah 1040wh ebike battery

Unleash Thrilling Rides with the Triangle E-Bike Battery!

Elevate your electric bike's prowess with our state-of-the-art triangle e-bike battery. Engineered for e-bikes featuring motors ranging from 750W to 1800W, this battery pack is your gateway to exhilarating adventures and extended journeys.

Features Redefining Convenience and Style:

Battery Charge-Level Indicators: Say goodbye to guesswork! Effortlessly monitor your battery's charge level using intuitive light indicators for seamless riding planning.

Sleek Power Switch: Crafted with a metal-textured power button, marrying style with functionality for a comfortable and refined user experience.

USB Charge Socket: Stay connected on the move! The integrated USB port ensures your devices stay powered throughout your epic rides.

Robust Triangular Shell: Encased in a sturdy, thick housing, this battery withstands substantial weight, ensuring longevity and unwavering reliability.

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage Options: Choose between 48V 20AH or 52V 20AH to match your bike's power requirements.

  • Battery Management System (BMS): Opt for either 50A or 40A for optimal management and heightened safety.

  • Charger: Select from 54.6V3A or 58.8V3A for efficient and rapid charging, ensuring minimal downtime between rides.

  • Dimensions: Varied dimensions (364mm x 232mm x 64mm x 343mm x 80mm) depending on the model, ensuring a snug fit for various e-bikes.

Upgrade Your Ride Today!

Maximize your electric bike's potential and acquire this high-performance triangle e-bike battery. Elevate your riding experience with amplified power, unwavering reliability, and a touch of style!