BBSHD 52V 1000W Bafang Mid Drive Kit

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 BBSHD 52V 1000W 68-73MM Bafang Mid Drive Kit

  • Peak output of 1600w
  • 160Nm of torque
  • Everything you need turn your standard bicycle into a, hill shredding E-bike
  • Includes updated 52v controller
  • 12-month warranty
  • Shipped out within 24hrs of purchase standard conversion kits, does not apply for custom optioned units

 Although this motor is rated to 1000w it has a peak output of over 1600w when fully charged

We program our BBSHD to produce an output of 30A, this then in the long run is beneficial for both the motor and the battery.

 Why do we believe a mid drive, mid mount 52v 1000w bafang conversion kit is far superior than the equivalent in a hub motor.


  • Due to the mid drive motor is utilising the benefits of adjustable gears, if ridden correctly the mid drive can potentially run at optimum RPM thus extending its life.
  • Increased performance
  • More efficient
  • Battery range is increased
  • Better at climbing hills
  • Due to the centre of gravity is more like a non electric bike, the mid drive set up ensures the feel of a normal bike when riding.
  • Improved handling
  • Easier maintenance and installation
  • A Mid Drive electric bike is easier to ride there is little to no peddle resistance if riding with the power off.