E-bike Conversion Kits: Buying Guide (2022) - Detailed

E-bike Conversion Kits: Buying Guide (2022) - Detailed - Electrified

When looking for a way to convert your standard bicycle into an e-bike, you must decide which type of electric bike conversion kit to get. They come in many different forms; each has its advantages and disadvantages. Here's some information on how they work, what else is involved, and how to choose the right one.


The Different Types of E-bike Conversion Kits


If you are not aware of the types of e-bike Conversion Kits available on the market, checkout the three different types of e-bike conversion kits below.


Hub Motor Conversion Kits 


These kits typically come with a small motor that mounts on the rear wheel and will either be installed by you or a professional. The advantages of these kits are that they don't require any modifications in the bicycle. They typically weigh less than other conversion kits. They work best on road bikes and mountain bikes but tend to be more expensive. Their performance can get limited by the speed at which you pedal.


Mid-drive Conversion Kits 


If you want more power from your e-bike, a mid-drive conversion kit is a good choice. This kit has a motor that mounts between the bottom bracket and front chain ring. It gives the bike more power when pedalling, allows you to customize your gearing, and makes it easier to upgrade to a different type of motor in the future. However, this conversion kit will require you to modify your bike frame, as it can be hard to install on some bikes.


Rear-drive Conversion Kits


These kits are similar to hub motors in terms of their installation process, having only a single moving part but can be used on a wide range of bikes. However, they tend to be less expensive than hub motor kits and are generally more powerful. If you want more power from your e-bike conversion kit, this kit is probably your best bet.


Things To Consider When Selecting An E-bike Conversion Kit


While there are plenty of brands to choose from, you might have a few things to consider when choosing one.  They are:


Power & Performance


If you plan on using the bike on large hills or riding with more than one person, you may need a high-powered e-bike conversion kit. Think about how much power you need and the performance you expect from your bike when choosing an e-bike conversion kit.


The overall weight of the kit 

E-bike conversion kits are typically heavier than standard bikes, so keep that in mind when shopping for one. If possible, choose a kit that has a low profile when installed.


The price of the kit

Electric bike conversion kits are available at many different price points, so you must get one that fits your budget and meets all your other needs. Compare prices across stores and brands to ensure you get the best deal possible. 

Bottom Line 


When shopping for an e-bike conversion kit, it's essential to look at the different types of kits and additional considerations in mind. So, you can find a kit that will convert your standard bike into an electric one.

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