About Us

Performance electric bikes, ebike kits, and e-bike batteries are all part of the Electrified brand.

Rather than misleading our customers, we believe in educating you and not waste your money on gimicks and false promises. We supply only the best ebike kits available. Our range of high performance BBSHD series you wont find anyone doing like we do in Australia. We build our own high quality batteries and unique electric bikes and matched with the level of service you receive we can not be beat.

Every bike and battery is produced to order, so 
you can rest assured that not only is it created locally, but you also receive EXACTLY what you 
want rather than settling for an off the shelf item that everyone else has, and which you were forced to accept due to a lack of options. 
Not any more.

Whether you're looking for a basic conversion kit or something a little more exclusive, we've got you covered.