CYC Photon

CYC Photon Mid-Drive eBike Conversion Kits

The CYC Photon Mid-Drive eBike Conversion. Kit offers a unique opportunity to transform your traditional bicycle into an electric and efficient one with added sleekness. This blog post takes you through the components of this phenomenal mid drive ebike conversion kit, which features lightweight motor technology equipped with torque sensing for optimal performance while riding. Its in-house firmware tuning grants compatibility and makes installation easy - perfect for any mountain biker or those wanting to fit fat bikes, recumbents or cargo bikes! With the power offered by this mid drive motor ebike conversion system comes boundless opportunities to take your biking experience up a notch – explore all that it has on offer today!

Short Summary

  • Explore the CYC Photon Mid Drive conversion kit for its powerful and efficient cycling experience.

  • Enjoy enhanced handling, maneuverability, and performance with torque sensing technology and in-house firmware tuning.

  • Benefit from reliable sprag clutch design, compatibility with a wide range of bicycles & batteries packs, 2 year warranty & quality customer support.

Next Generation ebike technology CYC Photon Mid-Drive

A CYC Photon mid drive motor kit with a smooth pedal assist feeling

The CYC Photon mid drive conversion kit is the ideal choice for any cyclist looking for to create a smooth and torque sensing intuitive pedal assist experience, powerful and efficient ride. This lightweight motor features next generation ebike technology as well as torque sensing technology, giving you smooth pedal assist feeling that feels natural and responsive. With an impressive 750W rating of power, 3.3kg weight and 110Nm maximum torque from its photon motor body, this serious mid drive conversion kit ebike industry can not be overlooked!

Included with this package are all the necessary parts to do your bike's conversion except battery - such as display, wiring with connectors, thumb throttle speed sensor & motor itself making it easier than ever to get going quickly on two wheels once again! So don't wait up anymore if you're a discriminating cyclist – grab yourself one of these marvels today!

Lightweight Motor Kit Advantages

The CYC Photon motor kit is designed to offer superior handling, maneuverability and overall performance as its lightweight components make it efficient and preserve the original feel of your bike. This versatile, lightweight motor kit and versatile motor fits well on various other frame types like fat bikes or recumbents for those seeking a conversion upgrade. Its next-generation technology makes sure that you have an exceptional finely tuned response when using this e-bike setup, revolutionizing the world of light weight motored kits!

Torque Sensing Technology

The CYC Photon Mid-Drive is equipped with Torque Sensing Technology, which accurately measures the amount of pressure applied to the motor body by pedals and allows the motor to provide enough power for intuitive pedaling assistance. This ensures that cyclists receive an intuitive pedal assist experience and incredibly create a smooth pedal, natural riding experience since its response time delivers power that corresponds directly to your own action in real-time.

With Cadence sensing technology, where it only monitors how fast you're turning pedal circles the speed sensor - torque and cadence sensing - gives greater finesse and capability while maintaining such an enjoyable ride. One tailored to everyone's level of biking proficiency.

In-House Firmware Tuning and Customization

A CYC Photon mid drive motor with in-house firmware tuning for a finely tuned response

The CYC Photon Mid-Drive has been adjusted to ensure it reaches peak performance delivers power, efficiency and reliability. As the motor is able to operate with a variety of voltages from 36V up to 52V batteries, riders can choose whether they prefer more power or extra longevity while cycling. With this versatile option present on the photon motor, all user requirements are met efficiently.

Robust Sprag Clutch and Helical Gear Design

The CYC Photon Mid-Drive is renowned for its reliable performance and boasts a robust sprag clutch as well as helical gear design. This combination ensures an efficient, whisper quiet and silent ride without sacrificing durability or longevity. Thanks to the one-way torque transfer of the sprag clutch paired with smooth running gears, cyclists have come to trust this ebike conversion option above all else. With features like these, it's easy to see why so many riders are choosing the CYC Photon lightweight mid drive electric system for their biking needs.

Compatibility and Installation

An image showing the Cyc Photon device and its compatibility and installation process.

The CYC Photon Mid-Drive boasts a great advantage for cyclists, its compatibility with many types of bicycles. This includes mountain bikes, cargo bikes, fat bikes and recumbent riders' sets ups due to the ability to fit'standard' BSA 68-83mm widths as well as 92mm press fits or 100mm/120 bottom bracket brackets. Installation is fairly easy for anyone possessing basic knowledge in bike mechanics. Tools needed are mainly related only to removing pedals and bottom bracket installation then bolting on the motor including chainring fitting required afterwards. The effort involved will pay off when experiencing all that this electric conversion kit can offer!

Battery Options

The CYC Photon Mid-Drive system is optimized for use with batteries from 36V to 52V, giving you the ability to tailor your bike's power and efficiency. By using one of these specified battery packs, it guarantees peak performance on your ebike - whether that be in terms of speed or range (or a combination).

If desired, CYC also provides compatible batteries and chargers specifically designed for their kit. That way you can feel assured knowing that everything between the motor power the photon motor and its motor power source is working perfectly. Resulting in maximal results while converting your bicycle into an electric vehicle.

Tools and Skills Required

Upgrading a bike with the CYC Photon Mid-Drive requires some mechanical skills as well as being able to remove and replace components such as pedals and bottom brackets. A comprehensive installation guide is provided on their website, which provides step by step instructions for setting up correctly.

The process might seem daunting at first, but it's not that difficult when you're equipped with the right tools. Taking your time learning how to install while paying attention closely following every detail will allow you to turn a silent ride on your bicycle into an amazing e-bike riding experience better than ever before!

Warranty and Support

A CYC Photon mid drive motor with major components and a user manual

The CYC Photon Mid-Drive comes with a two year guarantee for the mid drive conversion kit and its core components, except in cases of human error. This ensures that customers can be assured their e-bike conversion will perform reliably due to this warranty coverage, giving them peace of mind when making an investment in the product.

Our team at Electrified stands by the quality assurance of our bikes, offering support and assistance if any issues arise while using your bike conversion kit, placing customer satisfaction as one of our highest priorities!

Troubleshooting Common Issues

The CYC Photon Mid-Drive is renowned for its excellence and dependability, though there have been reports of conflicts with certain bike types or components, such as Shimano SLX cassettes and front derailleurs. In these instances, it may be necessary to use compatible parts or alter the cyc torque sensor settings in order to repair the problem.

For assistance dealing with installation complications or operational issues relating to this product line, get in contact with the support staff at Electrified who can provide advice on keeping your e-bike running optimally based upon any details you supply them about difficulties encountered.

Ideal Users and Applications

The CYC Photon Mid-Drive is an excellent option for those looking to convert their bike into a powerful electric one. Its compact and lightweight mid motor and torque sensing technology give it the ability to deliver smooth and efficient power, so cyclists of all abilities can benefit from its features. It's compatible with mountain bikes that don't want too much added weight as well as cargo, fat or recumbent bicycles. Making this a compact and lightweight mid drive kit suitable for a diverse range of users. Plus, installation should be fairly simple due to how easy it is to use! With these advanced attributes in mind, the CYC Photon Mid-Drive definitely stands out among other e-bike conversions on offer today!

Comparing Factory Mid-Drive Motors

The CYC Photon Mid-Drive clearly stands out from other factory mid-drive motors with its impressive torque output of 110 Nm, much higher than the usual 65, 80Nm produced by most high end models. Its lightweight design of 3.3kg (just for motor) is also an advantageous feature compared to heavier options available in factories. Offering compatibility with 36V to 52V battery packs provides cyclists better customization and flexibility when it comes to their individual needs and preferences.


The CYC Photon Mid-Drive e-bike conversion kit is a must have for cyclists looking to upgrade or build their own electric bike. Featuring advanced torque sensing technology, and a robust combination of sprag clutch and helical gear design, this lightweight mid drive electric motor offers both power and lightness unmatched by the competition. It also provides an unparalleled versatility that allows it to fit any type of ride from mountain bikes to cargo bikes! Take your cycling experience up another level with superior performance provided by the innovative tech found in every one of these CYC Motor kits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between CYC and Bafang photons?

CYC X1 series and Bafang BBS and CYC Photons differ in the placement of the chainring and ground clearance. CYC X1 PRO GEN 3 and cyc x1 stealth gen 3 has the chainring inside the bottom bracket and gear reduction with a almost a perfect chain line thats closer to factory original, and great ground clearance, while Bafang BBSXX and cyc Photon has the chainring outside the bottom bracket and gear reduction, which affects its ground clearance, especially on bikes with curved downtubes.

These features enable each system to offer unique advantages for different types of riders.

How many amps is a CYC Photon?

The CYC Photon is a robust and adaptable ebike conversion kit, providing output of up to 1000 watts with off-road settings. It comes complete with the parts needed for installation as well as optional extra batteries with choices between 36v to 52v battery, or 52v batteries which have capacities from 300 watt hours to over 1,000 watt hours at 50 amps.

In summary, this electric bike has an amperage rate of 30 amps in the motor power its arsenal along with other outstanding features such as high power levels and efficient terrain navigation capability.

What is the max torque of the CYC motors Photon?

The CYC Motors Photon provides an impressive output of 110 Nm in torque and is capable of reaching peak power up to 750W, making it suitable for many kinds of uses. It has been built with the goal of being lightweight yet sturdy, having a maximum speed rate of 25 km/h and delivering ranges as long as 50km per charge due to its reliable motor combined with durable battery. This makes it ideal both for daily commuters and recreation cyclists alike.