Tailor-Made Batteries and 3D Printed Battery Cases

Customization, Power, Precision

Discover the next level of e biking with Electrified, where customization meets excellence in performance.

Our high-powered modified ebike kits and custom batteries are crafted to redefine your riding experience.

No more settling for ordinary – choose Electrified to power your ride, your way.

Why Electrified?

Customization Excellence: Tailor-made solutions for an ebike experience that suits your unique preferences. Our personalized consultations guide you to the perfect setup for your riding needs.

High-Powered Performance: Experience the thrill of high-powered performance with our modified ebike kits. Unleash the full potential of your ride.

3D Printed Precision: Our custom batteries come with hard plastic 3D printed cases, ensuring a seamless fit for any bike. Precision meets style for an enhanced aesthetic.

Seamless Integration, Optimal Performance

At Electrified, we understand that one size does not fit all. While we specialize in custom batteries, we also stock a selection of standard-sized batteries.

These batteries are ready to go, providing a convenient option for riders who prefer not to go through the full customization process.

Whether you choose a custom solution or opt for a standard-sized battery, we ensure optimal performance and durability.

Your Ride, Your Way

Don't settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary. Electrified empowers you to ride on your terms, with tailor-made solutions that enhance your ebiking journey.

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Electrified - Redefining Your Ebike Experience