Molicel P45B E Bike Batteries
Molicel P45B E Bike Batteries

Molicel P45B E Bike Batteries

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Experience Peak Performance: Molicel P45B Ebike Batteries

Unleash Unrivaled Power: The Ultimate 50A Discharge Rate

Step into a world where power knows no bounds. The Molicel P45B ebike batteries redefine what's possible with a peak discharge rate of 50A, setting a new standard for raw power and acceleration. Tailored for the adrenaline seekers, these batteries promise not just a ride, but a surge of energy that propels you forward, faster and stronger. Perfect for tackling challenging terrains or achieving breakneck speeds, the P45B ensures that your ebike responds instantly to every command, with power that’s always ready when you are.

Extended Adventures Await: 4500mAh of Pure Energy

Embark on journeys like never before with a battery designed to go the distance. With a typical discharge capacity of 4500mAh at 20 degrees Celsius, the Molicel P45B batteries offer not just extended range but consistent, dependable power across all your rides. Whether it’s the daily commute or a weekend of exploration, these batteries are your guarantee of long-lasting performance, ensuring that your adventures are only limited by your imagination, not your battery life.

Crafted for the Connoisseur: Precision, Durability, and Customization

For those who demand excellence, the Molicel P45B delivers. Beyond its impressive performance metrics, this battery champions durability and reliability, ensuring that your ebike is powered by a source you can trust. Combined with Electrified's bespoke battery solutions, the P45B is not just a power source but a personalized enhancement to your ride. Meticulously engineered to fit any bike frame, it offers a custom integration that complements both the aesthetic and performance needs of the discerning rider.

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