Lithium-Ion E-Bike Battery with Molicel P45B Cells
Lithium-Ion E-Bike Battery
Molicel P45B Cells
Lithium-Ion E-Bike Battery: High-performance Molicel P45B cells
Electric Bike Battery: Harness the energy of Molicel P45B cells

Lithium-Ion E-Bike Battery with Molicel P45B Cells

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Molicel P45B 21700 Battery: The Ultimate High-Performance Cell

Overview of Lithium-Ion E-Bike Battery with Molicel P45B Cells

Introducing the Molicel P45B 21700, the pinnacle of high-current battery technology, tailored for supercar-level performance. Developed for demanding applications, this cell is ideal for anyone seeking the highest capacity with minimal internal resistance, ensuring exceptional performance even under extreme conditions.

Key Features

  • Size: 21700 with a maximum diameter of 21.55 mm and a length of 70.15 mm.
  • High Capacity: Manufacturer rated at 4500mAh typical, with a minimum capacity of 4300mAh.
  • High Discharge Rate: Capable of a maximum discharge rate of 45A, with an 80°C cutoff for safe operation.
  • Voltage Specifications: Nominal voltage of 3.6V, peaking at 4.2V.
  • Optimized Design: Unprotected, flat top style, available in gray, manufactured in Taiwan.


  • High Performance: The lithium-ion e-bike battery with Molicel P45B cells delivers exceptional performance for demanding rides.
  • Long Range: With advanced cell technology, this battery pack provides extended range for your e-bike adventures.
  • Custom Design: Tailor-made for e-bike enthusiasts, this battery pack offers customizable options to suit your riding needs.
  • Reliable Power: Count on this battery pack for reliable and consistent power delivery throughout your journeys.
  • Efficient Energy Storage: Benefit from efficient energy storage, maximizing the battery's lifespan and performance.
  • Seamless Integration: Designed for easy installation, this battery pack seamlessly integrates with most e-bike models.
  • Premium Quality: Invest in a premium e-bike battery pack engineered with Molicel P45B cells for superior performance and longevity.

Performance Excellence

The Molicel P45B excels in delivering robust power and durability:

  • Superior Cooling: Maintains a low operating temperature even at high currents, thanks to its super low internal resistance.
  • Exceptional Cold Weather Performance: Offers over 3.51Ah capacity even at -30°C, setting it apart from competitors.
  • Reliability: Each cell is Grade A, unused, and comes with manufacturer approval, ensuring unmatched quality and performance.

Why Choose Molicel P45B?

The Molicel P45B is unmatched in its capacity to handle high-demand applications with ease. Whether for automotive applications, high-end electronics, or any setup requiring reliable and powerful battery solutions, the Molicel P45B is the definitive choice.

Advantage Molicel P45B:

  1. Enhanced Performance: Molicel P45B cells in our lithium-ion e-bike battery boost performance, ensuring smoother rides.
  2. Extended Range: With Molicel P45B cells, our e-bike battery offers an extended range, perfect for longer journeys.
  3. Rapid Charging: Benefit from rapid charging capabilities enabled by Molicel P45B cells, reducing downtime between rides.
  4. Durability: Our lithium-ion e-bike battery, featuring Molicel P45B cells, guarantees long-lasting durability for sustained usage.
  5. Customizable Options: Enjoy customizable configurations with our e-bike battery, tailored to your preferences and powered by Molicel P45B cells.

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