Bosch ebike systems - 10 things to know

Bosch ebike systems - 10 things to know - Electrified

Bosch ebike systems - 10 things to know

The e-bike is a fast-growing segment of the bicycle business worldwide, allowing transport to a variety of users as well as making it a greener option for many. The increasing popularity of bicycles means rapid progress. Currently e-bikers travel further with less power needed and fit into more bicycles with progressively decreasing weights and costs. One pioneer in the field was Bosch who introduced the Pedelec system for bicycle e-bikes, which are now available on many smaller bike brands. Our friend spotted an eBike Moustache bike to see Bosch Performance Line e-bike technology and see what it's doing.

Smart shifting

Almost every unit has an automatic locking system that protects against the chain from ripping off, the chain will not be snapped by the unit's latches. 1000 second motor analysis shows how much power a shift can be achieved by pulling a chain tension. The bike tested did not include eshift but this feature is still included in some Bosch ebike systems which should be mentioned as a useful feature. Electronic switching platform eShivet is available in two versions. Both of the products were designed with the objective of giving a smoother shifting experience and helping you remain positioned on your best gear for every moment.

Australian law

This quick introduction to e-bikes provides some important information that will help you understand how to operate an electric bike. The same regulations apply to motor assisted bicycles as normal bicycles. ) As the bike isn't considered an automobile it does not require licenses or registration for use by anyone else for any reason. A wattage of 250 Watts, increased from 200W in 2011, is a minimum permitted power level. The powered speed on assisted bicycles is limited to 25 kph. The drive unit will stop at 21.15 kph so you are off. Rider can pedal the bikes status as an electric assisted bicycle.


There are 3 battery types available: 200 watts, 300 watts, and 500 watts. They can be installed in to frames. The battery is a rechargeable lithium ion which can be easily charged and has side screens which indicate the remaining battery life. It had a powerpack 200 battery which only weighed in at 2.7 kgs and measured 30 cm. The 500 is heavier than the 200 and 300 and provides considerably better battery life extending the range of the bicycle to about 25% more than the 300w. Bosch says a Powerpack 500 could travel 90 km in ideal conditions, and this should cover most commutes and weekend excursions.

Various settings

A large screen clearly displays five possible operating modes of the machine, increasing the output power and torque when a user works their way up to 'off' into the turbo. Turbo: It delivers the highest amount of power to help tackle steep climbs and gives a'sporty' feeling to the bike. It's best suited for high cadence, but it's best reserved for heavier rides as the system will stop working when it reaches 25 kph. Sport: Like the turbo, it has a large output and torque with low peak power which is good for battery life.

Performance Line CX

The Performance Line CX is an exclusive MTB experience: compact, light and stronger with higher efficiency. It features high performance materials, an exceptionally high performance motor and a sophisticated sensor. The bike riding on a mountain bike is now an entirely unique experience. With an 86nm torque, new functions like drive controls and Enhanced eMTB mode will be released for the model year 2022. The rider will be amazed at their riding: more naturally intuitive and powerful and absolute benchmark.

Perfect control

Ready for the most challenging: the advanced EMTB mode guarantees better control on the trails without the need to change riding modes. Typically it reacts very much less to the effort of the rider especially at low speed and allows very sensitive starts. More horsepower: Increase of 85 nm makes torque noticeable in riding behaviour as well. It accelerates faster especially in lower cadences and eases climbing starting. The mountain bike can have a lot of power at any time.


Kiox, an easy to use colour-coded electric bike display, connects ebikes with a smartphone app. When complete the riding and fitness data collected by Kiox is thus accessible through KioX Connect's eBike Connect website via its application. The following day activities can be easily assessed using smartphones and computer. Message information will automatically be synchronised by Bluetooth between Kiox and the application and the update will be emailed wirelessly to the onboard PC.

Lock – a smart complement to the mechanical lock

Almost 800 bicycles are stolen a day in Germany. It's particularly annoying when ebikes are very expensive. This is an even more important factor in the appropriate safeguards. It's essential to use an automatic security key. The Bosch Premium Lock feature now includes an added digital safeguard for Pedelec users: The function allows motor support to be blocked by removing the Kios computer.

New software protects against tuning errors

Tuning pedal is an expensive operation. Many people do not know ebike usage is not only potentially harmful for the health of drivers, but can have serious consequences for their lives. Education is essential as is preventive action. Technological measures will reduce manipulation. For 2020, the manufacturer has released software to recognize bike tuning thereby reducing service costs.

Extended boost

Impressive performance on trail: Extended Boost features convincing agile handling and
providing unparalleled flexibility to negotiate a steep slope, rocky surface with ease. This function allows you to manoeuvre more easily even in technically challenging trail conditions.

Temperature stability

The drive unit is extremely reliable and its maintenance free 16pin BLDC motor features the latest winding bars. This major advantage assures consistent performances even under continuous loads and maximum torque. See these videos for Bosch Ebike systems in 2019.

Natural riding dynamism

The powerful 32bit processor allows for rapid processing of sensor signals. Performance control allows for smoother riding and gives the Mountain Rider perfectly delivered support.

Maximum agility

Extraordinary Sensitiveness: With a multi-sensor system capable for more than 1000 measurements per second, the drive unit has extremely sensitive response.

Intuvia - The Control Centre

The Intuvia is the control unit on the eBike letting you know battery life, modes chosen, speed and even when your bicycle needs servicing. This system will enhance your ride performance in the most efficient way. An arrow icon appears which shows you how far to move according to your speed / pace. Bosch claims the display is clear under all illumination conditions. The speed, battery lifespan, and mode selection are large and well-suited to be easily observed under various illumination conditions.

Three ebike systems

There are three different Bosch ebikes systems: New Performance Line X, Performance Line and Active Line. The Performance Line CX is considered the most effective vehicle system suited for off-road adventures. This product protects against damage and uses metal versus plastic covers. It's designed to fit better into rear suspension frames, in which the motor is positioned in a different position from the suspension pivots. The premium model weighed a further 200 grams lower than its competitors.

Pedal assist

As already noted, the ride is required to pedal in order to escape the registration or license law. It's ok if you don't have any previous experience. According to mode chosen, assistance begins immediately and in considerable force and this may cause you a shock if you are not prepared. The greatest advantage of inner city cycling is the short duration needed for going to a stationary position up to 25km per hour / h. I'll be back in the light in seconds.

Kiox 300

The KIOX 300 is an integrated computer that is robust to sport riders. Updates on a regular basis assures accurate and timely operation. Embracing innovation Kiox provides ambitious cyclists with the mobile eBike Connect app, and allows for easy navigation into their destinations. This robust colour display allows the ride data to easily be read on the bike. Kiiox records your trip with an eBike Connect smartphone Bluetooth connection.


Three sensors feed the information to both Intuvia and eShift to monitor the performance of the system – this information will help you to determine which gears you are riding in optimal conditions. The measurement takes over 1000 seconds and ensures you have always been updated. This information can help enhance your experience.

Expand your life

Our lives change constantly. We commute to work, go shopping, cruise through city or take an evening break. Mobility is central to cities – and ebike has been a tool for urban mobility for several years. Despite its simplicity, it is also a very practical tool. Get to know & enjoy your city at a different pace and experiencing a different level of riding enjoyment.

Does Bosch produce its own Bosch Electric bike?

Bosch doesn't make the complete electric bikes by 2030. Bosch carries out ebike system development in collaboration with leading bike manufacturers to develop Pedelecs products. More than 50 bike brands have already used ebike technology in Australia using Bosch's quality certification.

More torque

For more than 10 years the Bosch electric tailwind has brought a smile in e-biker's eyes. Bosch eBikeSystems is headquartered in New York City. It develops products that enhance driver experience as well as improve safety and efficiency. Moreover the 2019 model has plenty to provide.

Bosch drive units

Bosch ebike system offer drive units in variants Performance Cruise (25 km/ha) and Performance CX as well as Active Cruise. When you travel through the city on commuter bikes or powering through extensive trails, or on the alps, powered by a Bosch drive system you will enjoy a unique ebike experience.

Bosch Drive System – the highlights at a glance

Drive unit active: Drive units active cruise offer load controlled acceleration, perfectly metered support at 25 km/h. E Bikes have chain or hub gearing higher or lower gear and optional rear pedals. The resulting design impresses using maximum efficiency and low-vibration engines. This optimized 3-sensor concept Bosch system can measure 1000 times per second in a highly precise way. Powerhouse: An integrated gearbox allows for an optimal integrated drive system design as well as greater floor clearance. Light weight & a very compact unit.

Bosch EBike system Mid drive Motors

German electric motor manufacturer Bosch is celebrating a 10-year production milestone. Dyson Bikes offers Bosch motorbike bikes from AVE, ABBA & YUBA.

Bosch drive systems

Bosch offers five different motor types based around Active Line. 

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