Custom Batteries

Custom Electric Vehicle Batteries by Electrified

Tailored Power Solutions for Your Ride

At Electrified, we specialize in crafting custom electric vehicle (EV) batteries designed to elevate your ride's performance. Whether you're an electric bike enthusiast, scooter rider, or seeking battery solutions for any EV, we've got you covered!

Premium Customization

Our expertise lies in crafting bespoke batteries for electric bikes, scooters, and various electric vehicles. We offer customization options that ensure your battery perfectly fits your vehicle's requirements, providing optimal performance and longevity.

Molicel P42A Cells - The King of 21700 Cells

Electrified exclusively uses Molicel P42A cells, known for their unparalleled quality and reliability in the 21700 cell category. With these premium cells, you gain access to endless customization possibilities, ensuring top-notch performance for your customized ride.

3D Printed Custom Cases

To complement our custom batteries, Electrified offers 3D printed cases meticulously designed to fit flawlessly into your bike or EV. Our precision-engineered cases not only provide a snug fit but also add a touch of style to your vehicle.

Experience Tailored Power

Our commitment to utilizing high-quality cells and offering custom solutions allows you to tailor your ride's power according to your preferences. Whether it's an electric bike, scooter, or any other electric vehicle, Electrified delivers power solutions that match your needs.

Elevate Your Ride Today

Unlock the potential of your electric vehicle with Electrified's custom batteries and 3D printed cases. Enjoy unparalleled performance and reliability, personalized to suit your ride.

Get in Touch for Your Custom Battery Solution

Ready to take your ride to the next level? Contact Electrified today for bespoke battery solutions tailored to your electric vehicle. Reach out to us at or call 03 7046 6631 to discuss your custom battery needs.