Ebike Conversion Kits - The Basics

Looking for an ebike conversion and not sure where to start?

At Electrified, we specialize in providing conversion parts for DIY electric bicycles. With over 10 years in the business, we cater to both seasoned builders and those new to the scene. This guide is designed to help you navigate the initial steps of your first ebike build.

Is a conversion from Electrified right for me?

If you're interested in converting a regular bike into an electric one, rather than buying a pre-made ebike, you're in the right place. There are many advantages to this approach, However, a DIY retrofit isn't for everyone. If you prefer a ready-to-ride solution, a factory ebike might be better for you.

If you love the DIY aspect, we're here to help. Here are two key qualities you need to take on and enjoy doing this project.

  1. You enjoy taking on projects, not just buying products.
  2. You have a hands-on, can-do attitude for making and fixing things.

If you're not confident with point 2, having a friend or family member who is handy can be a big help. Don't expect you to have all the tools initially but be willing to get them if needed for troubleshooting.

Getting Started with Your Ebike Conversion

The best place to start and the easiest way to begin your ebike journey is by purchasing one of our bundle packs. Our packs range from just a conversion kit to the whole project bike, complete with all the tools you need for your very own conversion.

Bundle Packs:

  • Conversion Kit Only: Includes everything you need to convert your existing bike except the battery
  • Conversion Kit inc Battery
  • Complete DIY Project Bike: A full DIY setup with all the components and tools need for a seamless conversion process.

Custom Bundles: If you have specific requirements, you can create your own bundle. Simply fill out our contact form with your needs, and we will gladly put together a DIY package tailored to your specifications.

With Electrified, nothing is hard, and the sky is the limit. Explore our options and start your ebike adventure today!

What skills do I need to convert a bike?

Modern ebike components are easier to install than ever. If you can fix a flat tire or adjust your brakes, you can probably handle installing a kit in an afternoon. 

For more complex installations, like adding a torque sensing bottom bracket, it might take a few more hours and some specialized tools.

I'm interested, but Hub or Mid Drive?

This page summarizes hub motors and Mid Drives. If you have a conventional bike, most hub motor kits will fit just as easily as a mid drive.

Throttle? PAS? Torque Sensor?

Decide whether you want a simple throttle setup or a more complex system with PAS or Torque sensors. Throttle setups are the simplest and a great starting point. For more information, read this summary [Link to PAS and Torque sensor info page].

Need advice on what to get?

We're happy to help you choose. Provide your bike's make and model, and describe your desired performance in terms of speed, power, and range. With this info, we can recommend suitable systems.

Can I drop off my bike for installation?

No, we don't offer installation services. We focus on developing and supplying parts for DIY projects. This ensures you (or someone close) know how everything fits together for troubleshooting.

Why not make it simpler with just a few kits?

We prefer to cater to niche applications and innovative ebike parts for early adopters. However, for a straightforward option, our barebones hub motor kit is a great choice for most bikes.