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5A 72v Grin Cycle Satiator Smart Charger

Grin Satiator Battery Charger: Elevate Your Electric Bike Charging Experience

Technical Specifications

The Grin Satiator Battery Charger isn't just any charger—it's a programmable powerhouse designed for electric bikes and scooters. With a capability of delivering up to 8 amps for 24V and 36V packs, and 7 amps for 48V packs, it outpaces others in the market, ensuring faster battery replenishment. This charger boasts a whopping 360 watts of power, marking it as one of the most robust chargers available.

Advanced Features

An impressive attribute of the Grin Satiator is its versatility. It stores up to 20 distinct charge profiles, allowing you to program it for various battery types, including lead, nickel, and lithium-ion. Equipped with an intuitive built-in display, it provides real-time insights into the charging process, displaying voltage, current, and battery charge level.


Versatility: Compatible with a wide range of battery types and voltages, the Grin Satiator Charger serves as a universal charging solution for almost any e-bike. Its ability to save multiple charge profiles makes it a cost-effective choice for use with various bikes and batteries.

Speedy Charging: With an impressive maximum charging rate of 8 amps, this charger significantly reduces charging times, allowing more time for thrilling rides and less time waiting.

Customizable and Informative: Programmable features let you tailor the charging process for your specific battery, ensuring safe and efficient charging. The built-in display provides valuable data on current, voltage, and battery charge status, empowering you with crucial charging information.

Why Choose Grin Satiator?

For electric bike enthusiasts seeking a powerful, versatile, and programmable charger, the Grin Satiator stands as the ultimate choice. Its compatibility with various battery types and voltages, combined with the ability to store multiple charge profiles, offers unparalleled flexibility and cost-effectiveness. With faster charging rates and customizable features, this charger ensures safe and efficient battery replenishment while providing essential real-time charging data.

Upgrade your e-bike charging experience with the Grin Satiator Battery Charger and enjoy faster, more efficient rides.