Bafang BBSHD Ebike Conversion Kit and Battery
Bafang 1000w BBSHD Mid Drive Ebike Kit Electrified
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Electric Bike Battery and Motor Kit
BBSHD Motor and Battery Package
Ebike Conversion Kit Components
Bafang BBSHD Motor Conversion Set
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Bafang BBSHD Ebike Conversion Kit and Battery

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Bafang BBSHD 1000w E Bike Conversion Kit and Battery

Elevate your cycling experience with the Bafang BBSHD 1000w E-Bike conversion kit, a blend of unmatched performance, sustainability, and thrilling adventure. Designed to tackle headwinds, conquer steep hills, and extend your rides, this powerhouse transforms your bike into an exhilarating, eco-friendly journey. With up to 1440W peak power on the included 48V battery and over 160Nm of torque, it stands as one of the mightiest kits on the market. Experience effortless maintenance, seamless installation, and intuitive control, making every ride not only enjoyable but a step towards a greener planet. Redefine your cycling limits and embark on new horizons with Bafang.

Key Features:

  • High Power Output: Up to 1440W 
  • Effortless Maintenance: Easy upkeep for longevity.
  • Seamless Installation: Hassle-free with minimal tools required.
  • Unmatched Performance: Over 160Nm of torque for tough terrains.
  • Intuitive Control: Cable brake lever with sensors, clear display, responsive throttle.
  • Cost-Effective Brilliance: Transforms your bike at a fraction of the cost of new eBikes.

Package Contents:

  1. Bafang BBSHD 1000w Mid-Drive Motor
  2. Installation Hardware Kit
  3. User Manual
  4. Display Unit
  5. Cable Brake Lever with Sensors
  6. Thumb Throttle
  7. 48v 12Ah Battery 


  1. Powerful Performance: The Bafang BBSHD motor kit delivers powerful performance, transforming your bike into an electric powerhouse.
  2. Seamless Conversion: With the Ebike conversion kit, converting your bike to electric is a breeze, offering a seamless integration process.
  3. Enhanced Riding Experience: Experience an upgraded riding experience with the BBSHD conversion package, offering smoother and more efficient rides.
  4. Long-lasting Battery: The Ebike battery kit provides long-lasting power, ensuring you can ride for extended periods without worrying about running out of charge.
  5. Versatile Compatibility: The Bafang BBSHD kit is compatible with various bike models, offering versatility for different riders and setups.
  6. Easy Installation: Enjoy a hassle-free installation process with the BBSHD motor and battery set, making it accessible for all levels of riders.
  7. Reliable Power Source: Trust in the reliability of the Ebike motor and battery combo to provide consistent power for your electric bike adventures.
  8. Customizable Options: The Bafang BBSHD power kit offers customizable options, allowing you to tailor your electric bike setup to suit your preferences.
  9. Efficient Energy Usage: Benefit from the efficient energy usage of the BBSHD conversion kit, optimizing your electric bike's performance while extending battery life.
  10. Enhanced Performance: Upgrade your electric bike with the Bafang BBSHD Ebike Conversion Kit and Battery for enhanced performance, power, and versatility.

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