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Bafang 2000w BBSHD mid drive kit

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Revolutionize Your Ride with the Bafang BBSHD 2000W Mid Drive Kit

Unleash Maximum Power and Efficiency

Discover the pinnacle of performance with the 52V Bafang BBSHD 2000W Mid Drive Kit. Experience unrivaled power, generating up to 2000W and 35A, enabling lightning-fast acceleration and effortless conquering of steep inclines. Its smaller chainring size ensures superior efficiency, amplifying your ride's capabilities.

Effortless Installation, Enhanced Experience

Say goodbye to complexity! Our Bafang BBSHD 2000W Mid Drive Kit simplifies installation with all-inclusive components. Transform your bike swiftly and seamlessly, empowering you to hit the road with minimal hassle.

The Ultimate Bike Upgrade Solution

Tailored for versatility, the BBSHD 2000W Mid Drive Kit caters to diverse bike models, from subtle speed boosts to full-blown electric makeovers. Its adaptability, combined with straightforward installation, suits both tech-savvy enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Experience the Peak of Performance

Elevate your cycling journey. Commuters seeking effortless rides, adventurers tackling challenging terrains, and enthusiasts craving amplified performance—all find their answer in the BBSHD 2000W Mid Drive Kit. Feel the transformation with every ride, making biking a sheer joy.


  • Q: How much power does it provide?

    • A: The BBSHD 2000W Mid Drive Kit delivers up to 2000W and 35A, ensuring swift acceleration and enhanced climbing abilities.
  • Q: Is installation complicated?

    • A: No, it's designed for quick, hassle-free setup with all necessary components included.
  • Q: Can I upgrade my existing bike?

    • A: Absolutely! Its increased power and efficiency make it an ideal enhancement for your current ride.
  • Q: Is it suitable for steep terrains?

    • A: Perfectly. Its superior power and efficiency cater to adventurers conquering challenging landscapes.
  • Q: Who should consider this upgrade?

    • A: Whether you're a commuter seeking ease, an adventurer conquering terrains, or an enthusiast maximizing performance, this kit is your ultimate upgrade.

At Electrified, our commitment to excellence shines through the BBSHD 2000W Mid Drive Kit. Elevate your biking experience—trust us, the ride ahead promises unmatched thrills.