72v 3000w BBSHD Bafang Mid Drive Kit | Electrified

72V 3000W BBSHD Mid Drive Kit


Unleash Unrivaled Power with the 72V 3000W BBSHD Mid Drive Kit


Seeking the ultimate thrill on two wheels? Look no further than our 72V 3000W BBSHD Mid Drive Kit. It's your passport to extreme biking adventures. Get ready for a quick setup and unparalleled performance that redefines your biking experience!

Kit Features

Power Unleashed: This kit boasts a 72V battery, Phaserunner V6 Motor Controller, and a Cycle Analyst V3 display. Enjoy on-the-go adjustments with a plug-and-play setup adaptable to any bike model for an electrifying outdoor adventure.


Elevate Your Adventure: The 72V BBSHD 3000W Bafang Mid Drive Kit

Challenge Accepted: Raise the bar with our 72V 3000W BBSHD Bafang Mid Drive Kit, tailored for fearless off-road riders seeking thrills. It's your ticket to an exhilarating biking escapade.

Precision-Powered: Fitted with a Phaserunner V6 motor controller and a high-capacity 52V or 72V battery, this kit transforms mundane rides into extraordinary adventures. The 3000W Bafang mid drive motor effortlessly conquers the toughest terrains.

Intelligent Performance: Featuring a Cycle Analyst V3 display, enjoy instant adjustments to pedal assist and motor parameters. Say goodbye to complex laptop adjustments—fine-tune settings directly via the Cycle Analyst post-setup.

Seamless Transformation: Witness your bike's metamorphosis into a powerful machine with hassle-free plug-and-play installation. Embrace the future of cycling with the 72V 3000W BBSHD Bafang Mid Drive Kit. Your adventure awaits. Ready to ride?

Battery Options

Tailored Power: Select from our high-torque 52V setup or the high-speed 72V setup, perfectly crafted for your electric bike battery needs:

52V Options:

  • Rectangle or triangle battery with a generous 24Ah capacity.
  • 21Ah poly downtube battery (368x90x140mm).

72V Options:

  • V16Ah rectangle or triangle battery.
  • 12Ah poly case capacity (368x90x140mm) with a convenient transportation bag.

Sleek 3D Printed Battery Case: Elevate your bike's aesthetics with a sleek 3D printed battery case for a seamless look—request a quote for customization.