Molicel P42A 72V Ebike Battery Electrified
72V E-bike Battery Front View
High-Capacity Lithium-ion Battery Pack
72V Electric Bike Battery
High Capacity E-Bike Battery
Molicel Cells E-Bike Battery
Sustainable Energy Solution for Electric Bikes
Reliable Power Source for E-Bikes

E-Bike Battery 72V Various Capacity with Molicel Cells

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E Bike Battery 72v Various Capacity with Molicel P42A Cells

  • Tailor-made

    • 72V E-Bike Battery featuring high-performance Molicel P42A cells for exceptional riding experience.
    • Built to fit, all our packs are tailor-made foe each individual, standard the battery pack is wrapped with heavy duty plastic heat shrink or opt for the option to have a 3D printed case made to fit your space perfectly


  • Advantages:

    1. Versatile Capacity: Choose from various capacities to suit your e-bike's power requirements.
    2. Premium Quality: Built with Molicel cells, these batteries offer top-tier performance and reliability.
    3. Long Range: Experience extended e-bike rides with the high-capacity lithium-ion battery pack.
    4. Seamless Integration: Designed for easy installation, this battery pack seamlessly integrates with most e-bike models.
    5. Efficient Energy Storage: The advanced lithium-ion cells ensure efficient energy storage for maximum riding time.
    6. Reliable Power Source: Count on this battery pack for consistent and reliable power delivery on your e-bike adventures.
    7. Quick Recharge: Enjoy fast charging times, minimizing downtime between e-bike rides.
    8. Durable Construction: Constructed with durable materials, this battery pack withstands the demands of varied terrain and weather conditions.
    9. Enhanced Performance: Upgrade your electric bike's performance with this high-quality battery pack.
    10. Peace of Mind: Trust in the reliability and performance of this battery pack to power your e-bike adventures with confidence.
  • Premium Molicel P42A Cells:

    • High energy density and discharge rate.
    • Reliable performance, enhancing rapid acceleration and extended range.
  • High Voltage, High Power:

    • 72V voltage level for improved bike speed and performance.
    • Capable of tackling challenging terrains with ease.
  • Extended Range for Epic Journeys:

    • Allows for longer rides without frequent recharges.
    • Ideal for both commuting and long-distance adventures.
  • Robust Construction for Reliability:

    • Durable design to endure the demands of electric biking.
    • Ensures longevity and consistent performance.
  • Seamless Integration:

    • Compatible with various e-bike setups.
    • Designed to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of e-bikes.
  • FAQ Highlights:

    • 72V Battery Definition: High-capacity lithium battery for e-bikes and other electric vehicles.
    • Advantages: Lightweight, long lifespan, higher voltage and power output.
    • Safety Considerations: Awareness of overcharging and short-circuiting risks.
    • Cost Factors: Higher cost offset by longer lifespan and superior performance.
    • Lifespan: Up to 1000 charge cycles or more.
    • Charging Instructions: Simple connection to charger, with specific requirements for voltage and current.

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