8A 63V Cycle Satiator Charger, Electrified Australia

8A 63V Cycle Satiator Charger

Cycle Satiator: The Ultimate Universal Ebike Battery Charger

Universal Compatibility, Customizable Charging

The Cycle Satiator isn't your typical charger—it's a powerhouse designed for all ebike batteries. Program up to 20 custom charge profiles for lead, nickel, or lithium battery packs with a full charge voltage of 63V or less. Say goodbye to multiple chargers, as this one device adapts to various battery types.

Informative OLED Display

Stay informed with a large OLED display showcasing real-time charging statistics, including total amp-hours, voltage, and a graphic display of approximate pack charge—a clear visual of your battery's status.

Impressive Power and Portability

Packing 360 watts of charging power, the Cycle Satiator delivers 2-3 times more power per volume than most chargers in the market, enabling rapid charging in a portable size.

Efficient and Fan-Free Design

With a power electronics design achieving 95% efficiency at full load, the Cycle Satiator remains fan-free, eliminating noisy cooling systems and reducing the risk of meltdowns if a fan fails.

Durable and Weatherproof Build

Protected against the elements, this charger's gasketed enclosure and connector design ensure resilience in rainy, dusty, or splashy environments.

Compact and Adaptable Size

Measuring less than 5cm high and 8cm wide, the Cycle Satiator conveniently fits into saddlebags, under rear racks, frame triangles, or securely onto a chassis.

Power Factor Correction & Worldwide Operation

With an AC input range of 100-240v and a 0.99 power factor, this charger is globally compatible, pleasing utility grids worldwide without the need for voltage selection switches.

Benefits and Features

  • Onboard Installation: Its rugged, compact, and fan-free design supports permanent mounting on vehicles.

  • Rapid Charging: Offering up to 8 amps with 24 and 36v packs, and 7 amps with 48v packs, it charges batteries in half the time of standard 'fast' chargers.

  • Universal Application: No need for multiple chargers; the Satiator can adapt to almost any battery type.

  • Quick Selection: Easily switch between output modes with preconfigured charging profiles at the touch of a button.

  • Enhanced Cycle Life: Customize charging profiles for optimal battery lifespan and range, balancing between full and partial charging as needed.

  • Future-Proof: Upgradeable firmware ensures adaptability to future battery technologies.

Upgrade your ebike charging experience with the Cycle Satiator—versatile, fast, and designed for the future of cycling.