How to Install a Cyclone 3000w Kit to Upgrade Your Bike’s Performance

How to Install a Cyclone 3000w Kit to Upgrade Your Bike’s Performance - Electrified

How to Install a Cyclone 3000w Kit to Upgrade Your Bike’s Performance

Looking to improve your bike’s performance and turn it into something way more awesome and functional? Going for e-bike conversion kits is the best decision you’ll ever make. Compared to buying a newly manufactured or factory-produced e-bike, converting your existing bike into an electrified one is far more efficient because you can customize everything to your liking, you can choose the best kits for your needs, and be in complete control of your upgrades.

Many e-bike enthusiasts find Cyclone motor kits to be a total game-changer. Your choice of conversion kit will still depend on your needs as a rider.

There are three different types of cyclone motors - the Cyclone 3000w kit, Mini, and Monster. The most popular is the Cyclone 3000w kit because of its high-end features and reliable high-power. Choose the 3000W Cyclone Mid-Drive Conversion Kit for your off-road needs. It is just as powerful as the top conversion kits sold by Luna and Cyc motor but costs less. 

In this blog, we are going to give you step-by-step instructions on how you can properly install a Cyclone conversion kit to boost your bike’s performance, speed, and efficiency. 


First off, you have to start by measuring the width of your bike’s bottom bracket shell face to face. Do not include the bearing and other pieces when you get the measurement. Measure it twice or thrice just to make sure you got it all right. 


You have to remove the pedals first. Most of them have a standard bolt in them, but depending on the type, this may be removed using an Allen key or socket wrench.

Using a crank removal tool, remove the crank arm nuts. In case you don’t have any, call your local bike shop for expert help. If the bracket shell has threads on the inside, it is a great sign because it means that your bottom bracket will likely accommodate the cyclone motor kit.

Mounting Space

Check your frame for mounting space. For easy mounting, the distance from the rear tire to the back of the bottom bracket should be 82mm. If it is less, you may need to fabricate special spacers or custom mounting brackets. 


Next, you will replace the bottom bracket spindle with the one supplied in your Cyclone motor kit.

Motor Mount Bracket

Install the motor mount bracket next and mount the motor to the bracket using washers and self-locking nuts. You can adjust the motor height later.


You will see a large threaded hole and this is what you need to thread the crank puller into. It will take a significant amount of force once the silver portion is well-threaded into the black portion. Continue to tighten and the crank will separate from the spindle.


Install the chain around the motor idler and sprocket. Tighten all screws. Operate the pedals and shift through the gears for observation while your bike is on the stand. You may have to add several links of chains if there is tension in the rear derailleur.


Install the brakes, move the shifter, and install the throttle. Pull together all parts of the wiring harness. The connectors must go together but not force them. Incorrect plugging with cause failure. Secure all wiring using tie wraps. Plug the battery and the main power leads from the motor.

Now, you are ready to test drive your newly converted bike with the reliable power of the cyclone motor kit. In case you need more assistance, feel free to contact Electrified at your most convenient time. It would be our pleasure to help you.

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