How Electrified Stands Out From Its Competitors

How Electrified Stands Out From Its Competitors - Electrified

There is no denying that the world of e-bikes is a highly competitive market. With the continuous rise of e-bike users and converters, it is safe to say that it will not slow down any moment soon.

The highly fragmented market has its major players and they are what most enthusiasts are looking for. Electrified is a company that houses incredible performance e-bike upgrades, kits for speed, dual-motor setups, high-current e-bike batteries, high-end modified controllers, and more.

Here are the top qualities of Electrified that make them a true standout.

High-Quality E-Bike Conversion Kits

For those who do not want to invest in a whole new e-bike, conversion kits are the way to go. You can now power up your regular bike at the fraction of the cost of a full machine.

Electrified offers a variety of e-bike conversion kits that are modified for improved performance, speed, and efficiency.

One of their most sought-after kits is the powerhouse 3000W Cyclone Mid-Drive Conversion Kit. This is perfect if you are looking to upgrade and boost your bike for off-road adventures. It is considered one of the most powerful mid-drive conversion kits rated with about 1800 up to 5000W of power. 

What makes this cyclone motor a Bonafede stand out is that it is perfect for those on a budget, but at the same time, it is even more compelling than the factory mid-drives.

High-Performance Batteries

Electrified also makes its own high-performance batteries. Since they build them on their own, customers are free to make custom requests. It can be any shape or size that would fit their needs.

Using only Grade A best-proven cells from authorized agents and not China, you can guarantee that the battery is fresh and a real deal. They also offer a 12-month warranty that most battery manufacturers do not.

Rest assured that the batteries you requested are built to a high standard and the warrant is actually valid as opposed to Chinese imports.

Exceptional Customer Service

Electrified is committed to providing an unconditional dedication to providing only top-quality service for its customers. Unlike other manufacturers, this company does not mislead the clients by giving them false promises and gimmicks. 

Top Choice Across Australia

What makes Electrified a top choice in Australia just like Luna and CYC motors in the US? They offer authenticity and affordability, and they connect to their customers on a special, personal level.

They create their products locally and the quality is never subpar. Electrified took the center stage with its exceptional products and high-performance mods. They firmly believe that bike aficionados and enthusiasts in the country must have access to locally-made premium kits and impeccable quality e-bike items.

Customization & Affordability

Bikers love Electrified not just because of their high-end products that do not drill a big hole in their pockets, but also because of the fact that they offer a great opportunity for customization like no other.

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