Grin Technologies Phaserunner V6 FOC Motor Controller

Introducing the Phaserunner V6: A Game-Changing Motor Controller

Unveiling the Phaserunner V6 the pinnacle of innovation! Featuring essential upgrades, this latest version boasts waterproof connectors akin to top-tier models like the Frankenrunners and Baserunners. Experience unparalleled control as speed and temperature signals are seamlessly transmitted through the integrated demux chip. Embrace V6 ASI firmware for future-proof compatibility with third-party displays. Currently offering the L10 version, with the MT version slated for late summer 2023.

Revolutionizing Motor Control

Crafted by Grin Technologies, the Phaserunner represents the epitome of FOC technology, ideal for brushless motors in the 500-2000 Watt power range. Enjoy the seamless response of a torque throttle paired with FOC—once experienced, there's no turning back.

Unmatched Versatility

Designed as a universal device, the Phaserunner fits various bicycle frames and motor systems. Power it with a 24V or 72V battery, handling phase currents up to 90A (continuous current typically 45-50A without extra heatsinking). Choose between two models: Phaserunner_L10 with a cable exit for Grin-supplied motors or the two you connectorized Phaserunner_MT for separate cable harnesses.

Feature Highlights:

- Remote on/off switch compatibility - Works sensored/sensorless, even with high eRPMs - Waterproof build with potted electronics and upgraded connectors - Fully customizable parameters for tailored performance - Wide operating voltage range: 20V to 90V - Automatic thermal rollback to prevent overheating - Enhanced functionality with demux chip for signal separation **Cables and Connectors** Both models utilize distinct connectors for battery, Cycle Analyst, mains, PAS, and communication plugs, offering versatility in motor connections. **Legacy and Evolution** Explore the journey of Phaserunner's evolution, from its inception at the Taipei Cycle Show to the cutting-edge V6 model. Delve into earlier iterations and witness the continuous innovation shaping its unparalleled performance. **Comprehensive Support** Access user manuals, software suites, and a wealth of resources to optimize your Phaserunner experience. Discover More Explore the Phaserunner V6 through informative videos showcasing its prowess and versatile applications.