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Upgrade Your Electric Bike Throttle: Explore Bafang's Versatile Options

Upgrade your electric bike's throttle with the versatile Bafang throttle collection. Whether you prefer the convenience of a thumb throttle, the ergonomic design of a twist throttle, or the precise control of a half twist throttle, Bafang has you covered. Our range includes options such as the Bafang twist throttle, thumb throttle, and half twist throttle, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every rider's preferences.

If you're looking for a safer and more comfortable way to control your motorcycle or scooter, you may want to consider a half-twist throttle. This updated design incorporates a full grip for the other side, making it easier to hold onto and control your vehicle. Plus, the partial twist feature makes it much safer than the standard motorcycle-style full twist throttle.

Enhance Your Ride with Bafang Throttle Collection: Smooth Control for Electric Bikes

Experience smooth acceleration and effortless control with our Bafang twist throttle, designed for easy operation and ergonomic comfort. For riders seeking a more compact and intuitive control option, our Bafang thumb throttle provides convenient one-handed operation, allowing you to focus on the road ahead.

If you prefer a more traditional twist grip design, our Bafang half twist throttle offers a familiar feel with enhanced control and responsiveness. With its right-hand configuration, it seamlessly integrates into your electric bike's handlebars for a sleek and ergonomic setup.


  1. Precise Control: The Bafang throttle offers precise control over your electric bike's speed and acceleration.
  2. Comfortable Grip: With its half twist design, this throttle provides a comfortable grip for extended rides.
  3. Easy Installation: Install this throttle effortlessly on your electric bike's handlebars for quick setup.
  4. Bafang Compatibility: Designed specifically for Bafang systems, this throttle ensures seamless integration with your e-bike.
  5. Right-Hand Operation: Enjoy convenient right-hand operation with this throttle, suitable for most riders.
  6. Reliable Performance: Count on this throttle for reliable performance, enhancing your e-bike riding experience.
  7. Replacement Part: Easily replace your existing throttle with this Bafang half twist throttle for improved functionality.
  8. Enhanced Safety: The twist grip design allows for intuitive and safe operation, reducing the risk of accidents.
  9. Durable Construction: Built with quality materials, this throttle withstands the demands of daily e-bike use.
  10. Customization Option: Customize your e-bike setup with this Bafang throttle, adding versatility to your riding experience.

Elevate Your Riding Experience: Bafang's Throttle Collection for Seamless Operation

As a trusted Bafang accessory, our throttle options are engineered for durability, reliability, and compatibility with Bafang electric bike systems. Whether you're upgrading your current throttle or replacing a worn-out part, our Bafang throttle collection ensures smooth and reliable performance on every ride.

With its versatile design and easy installation, our Bafang twist throttle, thumb throttle, and half twist throttle options are suitable for a wide range of electric bike models. Whether you're commuting to work, cruising through the city, or exploring off-road trails, our throttle collection enhances your riding experience with intuitive control and seamless operation.

Choose Bafang for your electric bike throttle needs and enjoy the perfect combination of performance, comfort, and reliability. Whether you're a seasoned rider or new to electric biking, our throttle options provide the control and convenience you need to take your rides to the next level. Experience the difference with Bafang today!

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