CYC Motor X1 Pro Gen 4 Kit Front View
Electric Bike Conversion Kit Components
High-performance Motor for E-bikes
Gen 4 E-bike Conversion System
Premium CYC Motor Upgrade Kit
Advanced E-bike Motor Assembly
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Custom CYC Motor X1 Pro Features
Efficient Energy Conversion for E-bikes
Reliable CYC Motor X1 Pro Performance
Advanced e-bike motor system
Premium electric bike kit
CYC motor upgrade kit
Custom e-bike conversion
Powerful electric bike motor
High-performance motor kit

CYC Motor X1 Pro Gen 4 Kit

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Revolutionize your ride with the CYC Motor X1 Pro Gen 4 Kit, featuring cutting-edge upgrades for unmatched e-bike performance and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Redesigned Motor Core: Boost your ride with a 25% longer motor core, achieving the highest power-to-weight ratio at 1.5kW per kg.
  • X12 Controller: Double the power with the X12 Controller, handling up to 84V and 120A for a peak of 6kW.
  • Torque Sensing Technology: Experience superior pedal-assist with our instant engagement torque sensing, tailored for extreme riding durability.
  • Supreme Compatibility: Adapt to any terrain with over 95% frame compatibility and multiple bottom bracket and chainring options.
  • Mobile App Integration: Control your ride with the CYC Ride Control app, offering in-depth customization and real-time feedback.
  • Seamless Adventure: Stay connected with Bluetooth for effortless setting adjustments and comprehensive dashboard monitoring.


  • Premium Performance: The CYC Motor X1 Pro Gen 4 Kit delivers premium performance, making it ideal for demanding e-bike riders.
  • Advanced Features: With advanced Gen 4 technology, this kit offers cutting-edge features for an unparalleled e-bike experience.
  • Easy Installation: Enjoy hassle-free installation with the CYC Motor X1 Pro Gen 4 Kit, designed for simple and straightforward assembly.
  • Customizable Options: Customize your e-bike conversion with the versatile features of the CYC Motor X1 Pro Gen 4 Kit.
  • Enhanced Power: Experience enhanced power and acceleration with the high-performance motor included in this kit.
  • Efficient Energy Conversion: The CYC Motor X1 Pro Gen 4 Kit ensures efficient energy conversion, maximizing battery life and range.
  • Reliable Performance: Count on the CYC Motor X1 Pro Gen 4 Kit for reliable performance, even in challenging riding conditions.
  • Smooth Riding Experience: Enjoy a smooth and comfortable riding experience with the CYC Motor X1 Pro Gen 4 Kit's advanced motor technology.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of e-bike setups, this kit caters to various rider preferences and needs.
  • Long-lasting Durability: Built to last, the CYC Motor X1 Pro Gen 4 Kit withstands the rigors of frequent e-bike use, ensuring longevity and reliability.


Specifications Table:

Specification Details
Motor Core Redesigned, 25% longer, enhanced thermal performance, 1.5kW/kg power-to-weight ratio
Controller X12 Controller, supports 84V and 120A, up to 6kW peak power
Torque Sensing Advanced torque sensing technology for optimal pedal-assist
Compatibility Fits over 95% of bike frames, versatile bracket and chainring options
Mobile App Integration CYC Ride Control app for customizable settings and real-time monitoring
Connectivity Bluetooth enabled for on-the-go adjustments
Rated Power 5000W (X12)
Maximum Torque 280 N.m.
Rated Voltage 36 - 72V
Maximum RPM (at crank) Over 300 RPM
Total Weight 5.6 kg
Motor Chainring Options 32T with 53T, 38T with 63T, 40T with 72T
Bottom Bracket Compatibility BSA 68 - 83 mm, BB92, BSA 100 mm, BSA 120 mm

Experience unparalleled electric biking with the CYC Motor X1 Pro Gen 4 Kit—your adventure,

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