CYC Photon Mid-drive E-bike Conversion Kit
CYC Photon Mid-Drive eBike Conversion Kit BB92 Electrified
BB92 Bottom Bracket for E-bike Conversion
High-performance Mid-drive Motor Kit
Upgrade Your Bicycle with CYC Photon Motor
CYC Photon E-bike Motor Upgrade
Efficient Electric Bike Conversion Kit
CYC Photon Mid-Drive eBike Conversion Kit BB92 Electrified
Bicycle Conversion with CYC Photon Kit
Enhanced E-bike Performance with CYC Photon Kit"

CYC Photon Mid-Drive eBike Conversion Kit BB92

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CYC Photon Mid-Drive eBike Conversion Kits

Transform Your Ride with CYC Photon

The CYC Photon Mid-Drive eBike Conversion Kit offers a unique opportunity to transform your traditional bicycle into an electric, efficient, and sleek machine. This advanced mid-drive kit features lightweight motor technology equipped with torque sensing for optimal performance. Its in-house firmware tuning ensures compatibility and easy installation, making it perfect for mountain bikers, fat bikes, recumbents, and cargo bikes. With the CYC Photon, you can elevate your biking experience and explore new possibilities.

Advantages of the CYC Photon

  • High Performance: Superior power and torque for an enhanced e-bike riding experience.
  • Efficient Conversion: Seamlessly convert your bicycle into an electric bike with this comprehensive kit.
  • Compatibility with BB92: Designed to work with BB92 bottom brackets, ensuring broad compatibility.
  • Powerful Mid-Drive Motor: Ideal for tackling varied terrains with ease.
  • Reliable Upgrade: Invest in a dependable conversion kit for a confident upgrade.
  • Enhanced Riding Experience: Smooth rides and improved efficiency.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for various bicycle models and riding styles.
  • Easy Installation: User-friendly design and comprehensive instructions for hassle-free setup.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: Built to withstand the demands of electric biking.
  • Customizable Options: Personalize your e-bike setup for a tailored riding experience.

Next Generation eBike Technology

The CYC Photon mid-drive conversion kit is the ideal choice for any cyclist looking for a powerful and efficient ride. This lightweight motor features next-generation eBike technology and torque sensing, providing a smooth and intuitive pedal assist experience. With an impressive 750W rating, 3.3kg weight, and 110Nm maximum torque, the CYC Photon is a standout in the eBike industry.

Lightweight Motor Kit Advantages

The CYC Photon motor kit offers superior handling, maneuverability, and overall performance. Its lightweight components preserve the original feel of your bike, making it a versatile choice for various frame types, including fat bikes and recumbents. Next-generation technology ensures a finely tuned response, revolutionizing the world of lightweight motor kits.

Torque Sensing Technology

Equipped with Torque Sensing Technology, the CYC Photon accurately measures pedal pressure to provide intuitive pedaling assistance. This technology ensures a smooth, natural riding experience with real-time power delivery corresponding to your actions. Combined with cadence sensing, the Photon offers greater finesse and capability for an enjoyable ride tailored to all biking proficiencies.

In-House Firmware Tuning and Customization

The CYC Photon is tuned for peak performance, delivering power, efficiency, and reliability. Compatible with 36V to 52V batteries, it allows riders to choose between more power or extra longevity. This versatile motor meets all user requirements efficiently.

Robust Sprag Clutch and Helical Gear Design

The CYC Photon features a robust sprag clutch and helical gear design, ensuring efficient, whisper-quiet rides without sacrificing durability. This reliable combination is trusted by cyclists for its dependable performance, making it a top choice in the eBike conversion market.

Compatibility and Installation

The CYC Photon is compatible with various bicycles, including mountain bikes, cargo bikes, fat bikes, and recumbents. It fits standard BSA 68-83mm widths and 92mm press fits or 100mm/120 bottom brackets. Installation is straightforward, requiring basic bike mechanics knowledge and tools.

Battery Options

Optimized for use with 36V to 52V batteries, the CYC Photon allows for tailored power and efficiency. CYC also provides compatible batteries and chargers, ensuring maximal performance for your eBike conversion.

Tools and Skills Required

Upgrading your bike with the CYC Photon requires basic mechanical skills. A comprehensive installation guide is provided, ensuring a smooth setup. Taking your time and following instructions closely will result in a superior eBike riding experience.

Warranty and Support

The CYC Photon comes with a two-year warranty for the kit and core components, ensuring reliable performance and customer peace of mind. Our team at Electrified stands by the quality of our products, offering support and assistance for any issues that may arise.


The CYC Photon Mid-Drive eBike Conversion Kit is the ultimate choice for upgrading or building your electric bike. With advanced torque sensing technology, robust design, and versatile compatibility, this lightweight motor offers unparalleled performance and efficiency. Elevate your cycling experience with the innovative CYC Photon kit and explore new horizons with superior power and reliability.

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