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Bafang BBSHD 1000W E bike Conversion Kit

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Bafang 1000W E bike Conversion Kit


  • Main Specifications:

    • Power: 1000w
    • Max Speed: 60 km/h
    • No-load Speed (RPM): 160
    • Load Speed (RPM): 140-150
    • Maximum Torque: 160 Nm
    • Effectiveness: ≥ 80%
    • Shaft Standard: JIS
    • Weight: 4.3 kg
    • Noise Level: <55 dB
    • Operating Temperature: -20 to 45℃
    • Electronic Brake Lever: Yes
    • Variable Speed Sensor Function: Yes
    • Headlight Drive Module (DCV/W): 6/3(max)
    • Waterproof Level: IP X5
    • Anti-corrosion Grade: 96 hours
    • Certification: CE, EN 14764, ROHS
    • Installation Location: Mid Motor
    • Structure: Gear drive
  • Warranty Information:

    • Motor: 12 Months
    • Battery: 12 Months
    • Accessories: 30 Days
    • Battery Charger: 12 Months


  • High Power: The Bafang 1000W e-bike conversion kit offers unmatched power for exhilarating rides.
  • Efficient Conversion: Easily convert your standard bike into an electric powerhouse with this all-in-one conversion kit.
  • Bafang Reliability: Trust in the renowned quality and reliability of Bafang motors for optimal performance.
  • DIY Installation: Experience hassle-free installation with the user-friendly design of this conversion kit, perfect for DIY enthusiasts.
  • Enhanced Performance: Enjoy enhanced speed and torque with the 1000W motor, ideal for tackling hills and rough terrain.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with various bike models, this conversion kit caters to a wide range of riders.
  • Cost-Effective Upgrade: Upgrade your bike to an e-bike without breaking the bank, thanks to this affordable conversion kit.
  • Customizable Configuration: Customize your e-bike setup with additional accessories and components compatible with this kit.
  • Seamless Integration: The Bafang mid-drive design ensures seamless integration with your bike's existing components.
  • Long-lasting Durability: Built to withstand the demands of e-bike riding, this conversion kit offers long-lasting durability and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Product Specifications

Q1: What is the power output of the motor?
A1: The motor has a power output of 1000 watts.

Q2: What is the maximum speed achievable with this motor?
A2: The maximum speed that can be achieved is 60 km/h.

Q3: What are the no-load and load speeds of the motor in RPM?
A3: The no-load speed is 160 RPM, while the load speed ranges between 140 and 150 RPM.

Q4: What is the maximum torque provided by the motor?
A4: The motor provides a maximum torque of 160 Nm.

Q5: What is the efficiency rating of this motor?
A5: The motor's efficiency is rated at ≥ 80%.

Q6: What are the shaft standards for this motor?
A6: The motor adheres to JIS shaft standards.

Q7: How much does the motor weigh?
A7: The motor weighs 4.3 kilograms.

Q8: What is the noise level of the motor during operation?
A8: The noise level is less than 55 dB.

Q9: What is the operating temperature range for the motor?
A9: The operating temperature range is from -20 to 45℃.

Q10: Does the motor come with an electronic brake lever?
A10: Yes, it is equipped with an electronic brake lever.

Q11: Is there a variable speed sensor function available?
A11: Yes, the motor includes a variable speed sensor function.

Q12: What are the specifications for the headlight drive module?
A12: The headlight drive module operates at 6 DCV and can handle up to 3 watts.

Q13: What is the waterproof rating of the motor?
A13: The motor is rated at IP X5 for waterproofing.

Q14: What is the anti-corrosion grade of the motor?
A14: The motor has an anti-corrosion grade of 96 hours.

Q15: What certifications does the motor have?
A15: The motor is certified under CE, EN 14764, and ROHS standards.

Q16: Where should the motor be installed?
A16: The motor is designed for mid-motor installation.

Q17: What is the structure of the motor?
A17: It has a gear drive structure.

Q18: What are the warranty periods for the motor and its components?
A18: The motor and battery have a 12-month warranty, accessories have a 30-day warranty, and the battery charger also has a 12-month warranty.

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