Kelly Mini KLS-N: Hall Sensor-Based Intelligent Motor Controller - Electrified

Kelly Mini Puma Series Motor Controller: KLS-N

KELLY KLS-N Sinusoidal Motor Controller

Kelly Mini Puma Series Motor Controller: KLS-N - Intelligent, Feature-Rich Electric Motor Control

Revolutionize your electric vehicle experience with the Kelly Mini Puma Series Motor Controller, specifically the KLS-N model. Engineered for efficiency and intelligence, this motor controller sets new standards in electric motor control technology.

Intelligent Features: The KLS-N controller is Hall sensor-based, ensuring precision control and responsiveness. Its microprocessor-driven intelligence brings extended fault detection and protection, allowing users to monitor error messages effortlessly through PC software or the Android app. Keep a close eye on battery voltage, and benefit from progressive power reduction as the voltage drops, safeguarding your battery and controller.

Enhanced Protection: Built with a comprehensive set of protective measures, the KLS-N boasts configurable motor temperature protection, current cutback at extreme temperatures, and continuous monitoring of battery recharging voltage during regenerative braking. The ABS-inspired regen brake function provides powerful and smooth regenerative braking, operating seamlessly at any speed until zero speed is reached.

Versatile Configuration: Tailor the motor controller to your specific needs with configurable options such as maximum reverse and forward speeds, boost switch activation for maximum power output, and multiple inputs for switches and analog signals. The controller supports various hall sensors and can integrate a joystick throttle for a customized driving experience.

User-Friendly Programming: Programming the KLS-N is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly software accessible through a standard PC or a tablet with Android OS. The Z-TEK USB to RS232 cable facilitates seamless configuration, programming, and software upgrades, providing a hassle-free experience for users.

Robust and Reliable: Encased in a rugged aluminum housing, the KLS-N ensures maximum heat dissipation and thrives in harsh environments. High-quality terminals and aviation connectors guarantee durability, while the controller's ability to identify different degrees of hall sensors adds to its adaptability.

Future-Ready Connectivity: Opt for optional features like Bluetooth compatibility for added convenience. The KLS-N can also support Broadcast type CAN Bus function, making it a future-ready choice for evolving electric mobility solutions.

Elevate your electric vehicle's performance, safety, and intelligence with the Kelly Mini Puma Series Motor Controller - the KLS-N is your gateway to unparalleled electric motor control.