Pair Bafang Hydraulic ebike brake sensors Electrified

Pair Bafang Hydraulic ebike brake sensors | Electrified

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Upgrade Your Braking System: Bafang Hydraulic Brake Sensor Pair

If you're converting your bike to electric and have hydraulic disc brakes, you'll need to pair hydraulic brake sensors with your Bafang Mid Drive Conversion Kit. These sensors are compatible with the BBSHD, BBS02B, and BBS01B models, and allow for seamless integration of your electric motor with your braking system.

Upgrade your e-bike braking system with the Pair Bafang Hydraulic ebike brake sensors. This comprehensive brake sensor kit includes everything you need to enhance safety and control on your electric bike. Designed specifically for Bafang hydraulic brakes, these sensors offer precise and responsive braking performance, ensuring smooth and reliable operation in various riding conditions.

Enhance Your Ride: Pair Bafang Hydraulic Ebike Brake Sensors

With dual sensors for redundancy, you can ride with added peace of mind knowing that your brakes will activate reliably when you need them most. The hydraulic brake sensor pair is easy to install and compatible with most Bafang hydraulic brake systems, making it a versatile upgrade option for e-bike enthusiasts.

Optimize Your E-Bike: Dual Bafang Hydraulic Brake Sensors

Experience improved responsiveness and braking efficiency with these high-quality hydraulic brake sensors. Whether you're navigating city streets or tackling off-road trails, the Pair Bafang Hydraulic ebike brake sensors will provide the control and confidence you need for a safe and enjoyable ride.

Improve Safety and Control: Bafang Hydraulic Brake Sensor Kit

Upgrade your e-bike today and take your braking performance to the next level with the Pair Bafang Hydraulic ebike brake sensors.

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