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CYC Photon E Bike Conversion Kit

This CYC Photon E Bike conversion Kit sounds like an incredible upgrade for bike enthusiasts! Let's break down the key highlights and features:

Key Features:

1. CYC Photon Mid Drive Motor:

  • Rated at 750W and 110N.m, this motor offers high performance in a compact design.
  • Compatible with 36V to 52V batteries for versatile usage across various bikes.
  • Features patented torque sensing technology for an intuitive and responsive ride.

2. Advanced Torque Sensing Technology:

  • Accurately measures pedal torque and adjusts motor power output accordingly.
  • Provides a more intuitive and responsive riding experience compared to factory mid-drive motors.
  • Allows customization of pedal assist sensitivity for a personalized ride.

3. Helical Gear Design and Robust Sprag Clutch:

  • Helical gears ensure a smoother and quieter operation compared to traditional gears.
  • The robust sprag clutch facilitates a secure connection between the motor and bike, ensuring consistent power transfer.

4. Compatibility and Preservation of Original Bike Feel:

  • Compatible with various bike types, including mountain, road, hybrid, and fat bikes.
  • Preserves the authentic biking experience while boosting performance and power.

5. Real-Life Applications:

  • Ideal for daily commuting, enabling riders to conquer hills with ease and save energy.
  • Perfect for off-road adventures, providing enhanced power and torque for tackling challenging terrains.

6. Adjustable Pedal Assist Sensitivity:

  • Riders can customize the pedal assist sensitivity through the CYC App for iOS and Android.
  • Allows fine-tuning of power gain values for a more tailored riding experience.

7. Quiet Operation:

  • The helical gear design reduces noise and vibration, providing a quieter ride.
  • Enhances the overall riding experience by minimizing distractions and focusing on the ride.


1. Compatibility with Bike Types:

  • Compatible with various bike types, including fat bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, and hybrids.

2. Helical Gear Design for Quieter Ride:

  • The staggered tooth arrangement in the helical gear design gradually meshes teeth, reducing noise and vibration for a quieter operation.

3. Adjusting Pedal Assist Sensitivity:

  • Pedal assist sensitivity can be adjusted by increasing the Pedalec Power Gain value under Torque Sensor Configuration through the CYC App.

4. Benefits of Off-road Usage:

  • The CYC Photon Mid Drive provides high torque and efficiency for a more enjoyable off-road cycling experience, ideal for exploring new terrains.

5. Power Rating:

  • Rated at 750W and 110N.m, offering superior performance, a range of up to 80km, and a top speed of 45km/h.

This kit seems like a fantastic way to transform any bike into a powerful and efficient e-bike while maintaining the original bike feel. Are you considering this upgrade for your bike, or are you fascinated by the advancements in e-bike technology?